Froedtert Hospital

  1. Has anyone been to Froedtert Hospital on a travel assignment? Have been offered a contract in the ED and would like some feed back. How about Milwaukee in the Winter also.....thoughts?
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  3. by   79Tango
    Im working with an ER traveler from Milwaukee right now (in AZ). Im not sure what hospital she came from but will find out and report back if that's the one. I know alot of people that go North in the winter as that's where all of the job openings are.. Ive been getting a TON of calls for South Dakota jobs.
  4. by   RNewbie
    I don't personally have exp with Froedtert but my boyfriend is in school at the medical college there and I have been considering a travel contract to Milwaukee or Chicago around Feb or March sometime. The winter weather is crazy but you get used to it! Keep us posted with how it goes if you decide to go.
  5. by   Doodleit
    I have my second interview tomorrow, so I'll let you guys know what's up. Lots of jobs in WI right now.