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  1. Any info to share about this company, are they dependable, do they support their nurses well, pay fair etc?
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  3. by   sweetgurly25
    i liked my recruiter, he worked really hard to get me a job. its a good company. lots of jobs in cali
  4. by   Cali
    I've worked for FlexCare Medical Staffing for 2 years and I absolutely LOVE them. I've worked with 3 other travel companies and FlexCare is the best so far. I use FlexCare as my primary agency but if they don't have an assignment in my desired location, I use one of the other agencies. FlexCare seems to have majority of their work in Northern California. I've had a few Southern California (my preferred location) assignments with them. The pay is competitive and always on time. I like that I have one point of contact if I have any questions. (I recently did an assignment with Century Health Services and I had SO many different people calling me about various things. My recruiter is extremely nice. I was actually able to meet her at the Travel Nurse Conference in Las Vegas last year. FlexCare is one agency that won't call you time after time with harassing phone calls. (I have an agency that I haven't worked with since 2009 and they STILL call me repeatedly) I also like getting my pay stubs and W-2 online instead of waiting for them to come in the mail as most other agencies do.
  5. by   sogasian
    I was just coming on here to discuss this agency. I am looking for a job in a specific area. I have traveled with one previous agency, and although I had a really great experience with them, they don't have what I'm looking for currently. I found FlexCare on highwayhypodermics.com and figured they were the best of the best since they are in the top 10 of 2012. Well.. boy was I wrong! I spoke with a recruiter named ****name redacted per site ToS**** He returned my phone call with not even a "hi how are you", just a "what is it exactly you are looking for?" Then proceeded to tell me the ways of travel nursing. Stating he had a travel position in the area I was looking for, but basically that someone is already submitted with him for that position, and the chances of me getting it are slim. I'm pretty sure **** didn't want to go through the effort of calling my contacts and do all the work for a first timer.

    Needless to say, he basically told me that if it's a "vacation" with family that I'm looking for in Texas, then to go for a vacation, not a travel assignment. Then, he told me that "some travel company obviously has your profile already done, so maybe you should stick with them". I told him I felt like I was being put off, and he said "I'm just trying to explain the ways of traveling to you". I get it buddy. The conversation ended with him telling me it was a good idea to stick with my original company.

    I have flourishing reviews from all the hospitals I've worked at. If they don't want my contract... I'm out. I'm glad other people have had a positive time with this agency. I had high expectations, but I have NEVER been treated like that by a travel company. I would have been ready to do the dirty work to get into that assignment he spoke about, but he wasn't. Obviously.
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  6. by   NedRN
    Everybody's personal top 10 agency list will be different with 400 agencies out there, all with their fans. A list such as Highway Hypodermics compiles may be a good starting point, but you have to consider their criteria. Only agencies she sends a questionnaire to and return it are considered, and it is heavily weighted on the benefits the agency replies about. But even if those were the top ten agencies in traveler satisfaction, or pay, or some other criteria, it still won't account for bad chemistry between a specific recruiter and a specific traveler, or either one on a bad day.

    By the way, when you go through the amount of rejection most recruiters experience between lookie-loos (never traveled before), travelers looking for open assignments that their favorite agency can submit you to, or just looking for a better quote to again go to another agency with, and the number of cold cold calls they are required to do from internet phishing sites, it is actually surprising we don't get hit with that attitude more often. Not that I blame you in the slightest, too many agencies out there to take such an attitude.
  7. by   dingoRN
    A friend of mine inquired about them and did like that the company is small and everything is done through the recruiter, but the pay was laughable (hilarious, actually) - no housing, travel or license reimbursement. I think medical was included, but the weekly take home pay was lower than other agencies who provided free housing and travel reimbursement.
  8. by   Cali

    FlexCare does not set up housing, but you still get your tax free housing stipend. The fact that they don't set up housing is a deal breaker for alot of people. They also pay travel pay. (I've been paid for mine) I've worked with 4 companies and I find the pay at FlexCare competitive, BUT pay also depends alot on location.
  9. by   allrncb
    Do they require a BSN?
  10. by   NedRN
    No agency requires a BSN. There are a couple hospitals that do for travelers out of 6,000 hospitals.