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FIRST travel assignment...afraid I have been low balled!!! - page 2

Hello fellow travelers!!! I need your help...this morning I accepted a first time travel assignment in North Carolina. The recruiter from Supplemental explained the pay etc but it was so confusing... Read More

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    On my first assignment I brought home $1450-1550 a week (48 hrs) and housing was taken care of (extended stay close to hospital). I never liked the blended rates or housing stipends or $30/day per diem pay. It just doesn't add up. People with different agencies, at the same assignment were only making $1100 weekly and bragged because they has their own private apartment. With me, all that doesn't matter. I didn't have to pay for cable or worry about cleaning my room. To me it's about making more money than you did at home and having a stress free "vacation" in a new place.
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    Quote from docpsychrn
    All of your responses are great but how do you negotiate higher pay when they TELL you what you are going to make? I mean they have it all right there and throw it at you as if you are suppose to be thankful...I am don't get me wrong but I just have this gut feeling that something isn't right about this assignment! I have had other agencies tell me their nurses won't even go back to the facility that I am going to! I'm just really leery about this whole thing...and he pushed, pushed, pushed so much that I have ONE day to get to North Carolina, find my way around and be at work the next morning at 7am!!! I live 16 hrs away!!!
    What hospital will you be going to??