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So here's my dilemna. Help or suggestions appreciated. For the last 2.5 years, I have lived and worked in South Carolina, a compact state. I am about to take a 6 week break from work, get married, go on my honeymoon, and then... Read More

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    Quote from NedRN
    While I don't know all the ins and outs of itinerant traveling, one issue could be with car registration and driver's license. Since you are not "working away from home", most states have rules requiring getting registration in their state within a few weeks. Seems like it would be difficult to legally resist such demands. There are some "full timer" RV sites that could probably shed light on the issues. Certainly there is a large community that acquires a "permanent" mailing address in a single state (Arizona seems popular in that community), and keeps registration and license there while working elsewhere. Still itinerant with no tax home, just a mailing address.
    This problem crossed my mind as well. I have a South Carolina driver's license. The way I solved it is that I gave my car to my parents. My husband works from home and travels with me. We are using his car. Basically I just have a temporary mailing address in Ohio, since my living arrangements will change once every 8-13 weeks. Once I talked to so many people, they said that as long as I wasn't working in Ohio, nothing is tying me to that state. It's just a temporary mailing address from now until I stop traveling.

    I think the benefits of travel would be greater If you had a mortgage and permanent tax home. I simply don't, so things are more confusing.

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    Consider buying a house in South Dakota. You can pick one up a nice one for around 40K, no state income tax, low fees for driver's license and registration, and compact licensure. Not much in the way of costs, especially if you get a roommate, and a central place to hang out for a while on cross country trips. Such a set up would maximize your income. Texas would be second on my list of good places to be located for similar reasons. I'd pay more for such a house near a college/university to maintain or increase home value, and ease of finding roommates.
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    Ned, I have re-read your comments and appreciate your advice very much. You seem to know so much about travel nursing and I truly appreciate your advice. We are now considering buying a condo in South Carolina. Maybe before the end of the year. We talked a lot about how being taxed on the reimbursements and paying $1,000 a month on a mortgage (or maybe more) wouldn't be that much different and it's an investment. We have emotional ties to the area and would probably frequent there several times a year. It is a generally inexpensive state. I also have two different jobs that said I could pick up prn shifts anytime I want. Since its by the beach, 10 years from now when it's paid off (worst case scenario 10 years), we will have a great vacation home for family in Ohio. We may also consider renting it out.

    Sounds like a good investment in several different ways to me. Now to try to tackle first time home ownership! Ahhh! We are going to wait for the right thing to come along and try to put 1/4 to 1/3 of it as a down payment. Thanks for all your help. Any thoughts?
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    Great plan! And South Carolina is compact. In an ideal situation, I would suggest paying a smaller down payment. Interest rates are still historically low and have no where to go but up. Get a fixed rate. I say this not because I recommend a lot of debt (pay cash for a house if possible) but because it is better to have 6 months of mortgage payments and living expenses in the bank. Because you never know what may happen.

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