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  1. Hi Everyone--
    I need some advice, and I didn't know where to place this so if I am in the wrong forum, please move it moderators. ;-)
    I recently accepted a travel contract, but since then have been offered two other jobs, 1 was teaching part time at a community college... 2 days a week, 10 hour days at $36.00/hr. The other one is to be the Program Coordinator for the Vocational Health programs (CNA, CMA, RT, etc...). I'm not sure of the pay but I was also told that if I need the money I could teach as an adjunct in the nursing program for 1,000 a credit hour and I would typically take on 3-6 credit hours per term. Isn't it just typical that you accept a job and then tons for show up....
    I am currently working on my MSN and when finished would like to move into either education or administration. My concern with travel nursing is that it is not going to help my career or help me advance at all. With either of these other two positions I would at least be teaching, gaining some real experience. But with the program coordinator position I would not be teaching nursing core, I would teaching the assistant stuff so is that really going to help me advance in the field?
    Travel nursing has all of he appeals... decent pay and travel! I really would like to see the country. My concern is with advancing and what I would do when I am done, from what I have seen and heard it can be difficult to find a position after traveling, especially since you really can't interview until you are in the area you want a job. I am also kinda broke, I have read about the need to have savings, I was just planning on falling back on my credit card if necessary and then come home and work for the staffing agency, they will always give me a job if I want it or need it. I am also concerned about traveling alone, perhaps this is just fear trying to talk me out of traveling?

    So advice... what do you think I should do. I know it is ultimately my decision, but i am just curious what others would do. Is it true that travel nursing is not going to help me advance in my field? What type of ramifications will it have on my future?
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  3. by   connie12
    I think you should travel now because the opportunity might not come later once you finish your MSN. I believe everything else will fall into place when you are ready. If you can get a job through a staffing company at a later date, then that's a nice cushion.

    A great way to save money when I travelled was to but into my savings account whatever I would have been paying in rent. When I left for my first travel job (and took the housing), I was paying $1000/month in rent in my home city. I pretended I still had a $1000 monthly rent when travelling and paid myself instead. In 1.5 years, I saved $20K! Of course, except for a student loan, I did not have any other debt.

    I have been a staff nurse, then travel nurse, then staff again and now taking another staff job. I think having a travel background may have helped me get future positions because it showed I am adaptable.

    As for traveling alone.... do you make friends easily wherever you work? Travel nursing will be no different. Also, try to find local things to do in the area you are moving to.

    You'd be surprised how much travel nursing can boost your confidence and sense of adventure.
  4. by   NedRN
    If you accepted an assignment, you need to keep your word.