California licensure by endorsement

  1. Hi, My California license by endorsement packet is almost complete and ready for submission.
    For those travelers that have applied for licensure by endorsement in the state of California, did you need to provide proof of 30 contact continuing education hours?
    I have read through the packet numerous times and can not find anything about providing that information.
    I guess I could call the nursing board, but thought I would ask here first.
    Thanks a lot.
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  3. by   NedRN
    I don't believe you do for your initial licensure. Treated like a new grad would be.

    Some states do have specific CEU requirements but California is not one.
  4. by   Travel_RN1
    I'm currently going through the process and have posted post receiving my temporary. If you go to the website, and download the endorsement packet, it tells you step by step what you need to apply. You can apply online, and send through the mail your completed checklist. I got my temporary in less than a month. You can read my posts about the progress of completing the process. Best of Luck!!
  5. by   fifita2010
    I've done everything then I guess. I've been over the downloaded information quite a few times and did not see anything about proof of contact hours, so I guess I'll go by NedRN's reply and submit without any mention of CEU's. Thanks.