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I'm thinking of pursuing travel nursing. Can anyone tell me from past experiences which agency has most benefits? :confused:(higher pay, private housing, best recruiters, locations) I'd really appreciate it.:redpinkhe I've been... Read More

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    Quote from LittleNurseJudy
    Your best bet is to get a recommendation from a friend or trusted experienced traveler. The truth is every agency is a little different, but most of them have the same jobs. One might have a job a week before another because the hospital account is with them, but if they can't fill it in a week, they send the contract out to all the other agents too. You'll want to find an agent you like when you first get started more than you'll want to chase number--its worth a couple bucks to have a good experience. This blog might be helpful... The Juicy Stuff… Agencies!!! | The Travel Nurse Expert
    What do you charge as an agent?
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