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Alaska Travel Nursing - page 2

Hi! Looking to travel to AK for May-July. Looking for opinions, comments, suggestions, experiences and anything you'd like to share. Currently in CA and ready to see more of the world!... Read More

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    How was your trip to AK? Did you end up going?
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    Thank u for your post,
    I am seeking a job in Alaska this summer 2014 ICU
    want to be in Anchorage how did it go?
    I am not w Cross Country yet.
    My assignment ends here in Fl April 15
    compare Providence with Alaska Native with the HCA hospital. I forget the name
    any insight helpful
    any overtime?
    Did they furnish a rental car ?
    I am single could share housing to save money
    so excited
    thx, K
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    I am a new RN, but I have 5 yrs of LPN experience. Traveling as a nurse has always been an interest of mine. How many years of experience would an RN need to be hired for contract travel nursing? Thanks.
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    One year in a specialty.
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    My husband and I are looking at an assignment in Bethel. Had a couple of questions for you if you have time:
    1.)What staffing agency are you using?
    2.)What is the patient mix like?
    3.)What is the patient to nurse ration?
    Thanks for your time.
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    What is the YKHC system and how can I get a job there. What agency would I go through?