Alaska Travel Nursing - page 2

Hi! Looking to travel to AK for May-July. Looking for opinions, comments, suggestions, experiences and anything you'd like to share. Currently in CA and ready to see more of the world!... Read More

  1. by   wylie-coyote
    How was your trip to AK? Did you end up going?
  2. by   Eaglesview
    Thank u for your post,
    I am seeking a job in Alaska this summer 2014 ICU
    want to be in Anchorage how did it go?
    I am not w Cross Country yet.
    My assignment ends here in Fl April 15
    compare Providence with Alaska Native with the HCA hospital. I forget the name
    any insight helpful
    any overtime?
    Did they furnish a rental car ?
    I am single could share housing to save money
    so excited
    thx, K
  3. by   MnMAlaskaNurse
    I am a new RN, but I have 5 yrs of LPN experience. Traveling as a nurse has always been an interest of mine. How many years of experience would an RN need to be hired for contract travel nursing? Thanks.
  4. by   NedRN
    One year in a specialty.
  5. by   mesmith1571
    My husband and I are looking at an assignment in Bethel. Had a couple of questions for you if you have time:
    1.)What staffing agency are you using?
    2.)What is the patient mix like?
    3.)What is the patient to nurse ration?
    Thanks for your time.
  6. by   Whitengale
    What is the YKHC system and how can I get a job there. What agency would I go through?
  7. by   mp1025
    I also want to get to bethel. Any more info? I was told it's a fed facility and I don't need my ak license.
  8. by   Fox_RuN
    I'm currently getting ready for my first travel assignment through the University of Colorado. I'm already looking towards next steps though. Does anyone have experience with the Alaska Native in-house travel program? Not a lot of info on the website. I'm from Michigan so the prospect of winter travel nursing in Alaska doesn't bother me, especially if it means extra benefits/pay.