Any former Galen College of Nursing-San Antonio graduates?

  1. Hi! I am both excited and worried about starting the LVN Program at Galen. My worry is concerning accreditation of this school and any consequences of graduating with a ADN and not being able to get a good job because they are not accredited by the National League of Nursing. I just wanted to know what other peoples career outcomes have been after graduating Galen College of Nursing-San Antonio Campus or any other campus.
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  3. by   em2212
    I am a Current student at Galen- San Antonio. NLN accreditation has nothing to do with employment. All nursing graduates take the same exam to become licensed, and galen graduates are just as employable as any other new nurse. NLN accreditation is a lengthy process, and galen's rn program in san antonio is very new. Baptist is one of the oldest nursing schools in san antonio and they just bacame nln accreditated this past september. Whether a school is nln accreditated or not can become a problem if you have plans to go for your BSN etc. Galen credits will not transfer to many major universities, but online is an immediate option.
  4. by   shamrokks
    I worry about the same thing, my continuing education if I decide to do my bridge LPN-RN through a nationally accredited and not regionally accredited school. I know they are approved and hope to become accredited but it's been a long process and probably usually is a long process to become accredited. At least the option of continuing education at other private institutions is possible but also expensive. My goal is to go quick and expensive and hope for different ways to get my loans paid for, lol. For example: working in public sectors, government, county, etc...or finding an employer who will pay for my continuing education. Good luck to everyone. I am going to visit Galen tomorrow in the Tampa Bay area and see what information they can give me.