Weatherford college spring 2013 adn applicants

  1. Hey all,
    havn't seen a big thread on spring 2013 for wc so I thought I'd get one started!

    A lot of people come into these threads that are not applying now but for information so
    I say go ahead and post your Science/Math GPA and your TEAS V score a long with how many points you have.

    That way when acceptance letters get out, people that are in earlier stages can go back and look at what we had to get accepted!

    I just took the TEAS V today and man am I relieved!
    I got a 91.3% for my individual score

    93% Reading
    95% Math
    89.6% Science
    83% English

    99th percentile overall !

    I have a 3.0GPA (B in AP1/2, A in micro, and taking math in the fall) and a total of 19 points.

    I left Karen feeling pretty comfortable!

    Who else is applying to weatherford for nursing this spring?
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  3. by   Mind0v3rmattR
    No one is going to weatherford this spring?
  4. by   shixson
    I applied & Got in!!! Who else did???
  5. by   Mind0v3rmattR
    Congrats!I got in as well 3.0 science gpa, and killed the TEAS V,Apparently one of the highest score at weatherford .I ended up with 19 points.
  6. by   fadetoky
    I also got into the spring 2013 adn program at weatherford. I just moved to texas a month ago and i'm wondering if anybody has information about this program should please let's know.
  7. by   PD82
    How is the nursing program so far??? I applied for Spring 2014 with 20 points so now its a waiting game!!

    Were there a lot of applicants? Any input on WC nursing program is greatly appreciated!