WBU Fall 2011 BSN

  1. Hi, all! I wanted to start a thread for Generic BSN program students who are starting Fall 2011 at Wayland Baptist University. I can't wait to meet you all! Please tell me about yourselves.

    I'm a flute player in the Army but I'm switching to Army nursing. I'm living in Alabama right now but I'm excited to be moving to San Antonio. I've heard great things about the city. Any suggestions for fun things to do?
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  3. by   yekpewa21
    Hello!! I will also be attending Wayland Baptist this Fall. I am active duty Air Force and this will be a change of careers for me too!! I used to live in San Antonio, so Im not going to be new to the area. Cant wait to get back there because its close to home for me. See you this fall!
  4. by   kyexplorer
    See you soon!
  5. by   docteri
    I started the program in Feb 11. Study and read your readings. I am usually too busy to do to much when I am in San An. I am a military spouse, so I stay at randolph or ft. sam. ft. Sam is real close to your first clinical site, but not so close to the Alamo learning center where you spend your first week. good luck and have fun!
  6. by   LillyDee
    Hello, I am starting the generic BSN program Feb,2012 and am curious about clinical sites and overall info about the program. Thx & best wishes!!
  7. by   docteri
    For my cohort there are clinical sites in Houston for those who have to travel/fly and in San Antonio for the others. I chose to stay at San An because of the great price I get for lodging at Randolph. The commisary, exchange and house prices can not be beat with cheaper airfare from California. If you want to pm me for more info I would be happy to discuss more about the program.