Wayland Baptist College for BSN or TCCD ADN???

  1. I am just starting my nursing education. Im planning to start next semester or this summer. I have a question. Does anyone go to Wayland Baptist College for the BSN? I may be moving to the plainview area but I wont if its not that great of a school.( my husband wants to move) Im very sketchy about it! I thought I wanted to finish my basics at Tarrant County College bc its close, its costs are low & the online college sounds perfect for me! I wanted to get my Associates RN but with all the research Ive been doing. Most hospitals turn their heads to new grads & will only hire Bachelors degree! I planned to go to TCC and then transfer to TWU and get my BSN. Im very confused. Tcc and Twu or just Tcc sounds perfect to me. Many people say TCC and TWU are some of the best around here.
    I wouldnt even know the process to transfer to TWU, Do I do two more years then have my nursing degree or what????? help please!
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    Wayland in plainview does not offer a nursing program. Its only offered here in San Antonio right now. Unless you meant that you were transferring to San Antonio. Sorry!