Vernon College ADN or LVN program

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    I was just wondering if anyone has recently graduated or are currently attending Vernon College ADN or LVN program? How hard was it to get into the program, and did you have a high GPA and great NET scores? Also is the program very challenging, and is the area a good place to live? Sorry I have so many questions I don't see too many threads about this school so that has me wondering.

    Thank you for your time!!
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    Vernon, Texas? I graduated from their transition program. I took classes through distance learning (still had to go to the campus for psych clinicals and stuff).
    IM me and I can tell you more.
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    Hello CathRN,
    It won't allow me to send you and IM, but I'm very interested to learn more about the program. Yes, I was talking about Vernon,TX.
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    Sorry, I meant PM. Oh well. I hope that you are going to the campus at Vernon. Like I said earlier, I took my transition classes through distance learning. The instructors were not as involved with the DL students like they were the campus students. I won't use names on this website, but for more info try to PM me.
    Vernon is west of Wichita Falls, not much to do in Vernon itself. There is Kemp Lake south of Vernon if you like to fish. Wichita Falls offers more for entertainment. My class usually went to WF for dinner when we had to go to the campus.
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    I was not hard at all to get in. The NET was easy I thought. I had a high GPA, some of the other people in my class had average GPA's. Since we were taking the transition (from LVN to RN), we had classes twice weekly the first semester, once a week for the other two semesters. On top of classes we had 12 hour clinicals once a week up to the last semester, then we had one 12 hour clinical at the state hospital, and one 12 hour clinical at our regular hospital.
    The class work was very involved, lots of homework, lots of self-study. Any other questions?
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    i'm so glad i found this thread! i have applied for the lvn program and hope to go into the lvn transition program after i finish. i would like to pm you but i am new here and haven't figured that out yet!
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    To futurearmynurse25

    I am not allowed to send private messages yet, so I hope you find this!

    I applied to Vernon College LVN program, but will be taking classes in Seymour, Texas. I was originally told they would be choosing the students on May 15. On Monday I called the school and spoke with the department head and was told they have pushed back the date to June 1st. Once the students are chosen they will send out the acceptance letters.

    I was accepted to the program once before, but I had applied to the Wichita Falls evening class. I applied very late, around Oct or Nov 2007 and the class was to begin Jan 08. I was placed on a waiting list, but enough people dropped out before it started, so I was picked. Unfortunately, after orientation, I also had to drop out.
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    To PM me, up by "registered user" two icons over is a pen/paper, click that and you should be able to send me a PM. I hope I am right. I'll also send a PM so that you can reply.

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    Once you hit 15 posts, you'll be able to send and receive PMs.
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    Yeah, I just found that out in the faq section. I don't really have any questions so I haven't posted much!

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