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    I've been on hold with the IL BON for a while now so I decided to come on here and see if anyone has the answer to my question. I applied for licensure by endorsement on 8/22/12 for the state of Texas, now in Jan 2012 I had requested verification of licensure and sent the form and fee to IL BON. My question is if my verification was sent to Tx BON would they still have it on file, even though its been that long ago?? TX BON sent me a letter stating all the items required in order to get my license here in TX, and on there it says verifcation of licensure. So I was trying to find out if it would still be on file or will I have to send another request and pay another fee?

    Thanks for any response.
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    I would go ahead and send another request for verification with another fee, just to be safe.

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