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HI! I am applying for the traditional BSN program at UTMB that starts Fall 2012. I am taking my TEAS this friday and I wanted to know if anyone else here is applying for the same semester. Hopefully there are others so I dont... Read More

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    I plan on moving to Galveston, just unsure about whether I should try the dorms or go to an apartment!

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    I live in Katy and I will not be moving South, next year is my daughter's senior year in High School, I couldn't do that to her! I am hoping that I can find a friend to carpool with even if it is from South Houston somewhere. I have a girlfriend that lives in the Pearland area that I might try to stay with on nights that I have to stay late and be there early! Looks like I might be living out of my car for a while, it is totally worth it though. I am applying for two schools in town and two out of town...they are both right at 70 miles from my home! UGH!!! Good Luck to all of you!
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    Well Ladies and Gents... Today is Day 1 of our long and tedious wait. Good Luck Everyone... May we all atleast get an interview!!! In the mean time I shall stay busy with my Spring classes that start tomorrow.
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    Good luck everyone! I live in Sugar Land and plan on commuting as well. Hopefully I can find someone to carpool as well.
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    Sounds like a lot of us will be commuting! Anyone else have kids?
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    Quote from ktdidit
    Sounds like a lot of us will be commuting! Anyone else have kids?
    I have two kids who will be 5 and 2 when nursing school starts. I'll be commuting from Friendswood.
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    I have a 2 year old and I am in Houston.
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    Does anybody know when they will start calling people in for interviews? Or when is the latest that we would know for sure if we got accepted or not? I know that UTHSC said that the latest letters should go out is in April. That is promising from them. They get out the acceptance/rejection letters within a few months from the deadline date.... but UTMB didn't even start interviewing students for the Spring until September or October. Their deadline date is much earlier for the Spring, it was in June, than UTHSC, yet technically it took them longer to decide. I have registered to attend the UTMB info session on Feb 11, hoping to find something out.

    FYI - I would be commuting from Pearland, and I have a 2 year old I have a friend who got in this Spring.... He says that there are a LOT of people who are coming from ALL over the area.....
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    I have a 6 year old son and i will be commuting from southeast houston/pearland area. i may actually consider moving to galveston if the rent is a good price so that i dont have such a long commute. i am not sure if the elementary schools there are good or not so that will be the deciding factor for me probably. does anyone know about the elementary schools in galveston?
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    Wow there are a bunch of us moms! My little one will be five in May and starting kindergarten in the Fall. I waited until she went to school to apply so that I wouldn't have to pay daycare! It will still be tough commuting back and forth but we'll make it work!

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