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Hello All, I am not sure if a thread has already started for the Bacc2 program,but I wanted to stay updated on the status of all the hopefuls out here. The deadline is soon approaching so hopefully I... Read More

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    Quote from Ashley2561
    Same! I did just email her, hopefully she can help us out :-\.
    Any response yet?

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    She said next week... Blarg...
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    Like next week- Monday, or sometime next week?
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    I'm so glad I'm not the only one stressing out about this. I called again today and she said those who applied by the first deadline will hear back next week. Hopefully that means Monday. I guess it could be worse?!
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    Quote from Melissa1986
    Like next week- Monday, or sometime next week?
    Unfortunately she didn't specify. All she said was next week.
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    I just got the email! I'm in!
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    Hi all!! I've been following this thread for a while now, but never posted. I just got my acceptance email too!
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    Congratulations to Melissa and tribe!....

    The email I received said, "Congratulations! You will be receiving a conditional admission offer to the May 2013 Accelerated BSN Program at The University of Texas Health Science Center! These admission offers will be emailed to you at the beginning/mid-January 2013 and will include instructions on how to complete everything necessary to facilitate your admission into our nursing program J"....

    Did anybody receive the same email or was it just me? From what I understand, this is "conditional" meaning if anybody will decline the acceptance email I am next in line.

    Please respond if you receive the same email. I am happy to receive it but confused if this is it or I have to wait for someone to decline.
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    I'm in too!!!
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    Im in! Also, conditional means you are accepted as long as you complete required items, like vaccinations.
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