UTHSCSA May 2011

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    I've been watching all the UTHSCSA posts for a while waiting for someone to start one up for the May 2011 accelerated program, and finally decided to take the initiative and see if there is anyone else out there that will be or hope to be attending the program.

    Has anyone taken the TEAS downtown at UTSA and gotten their scores back? Mine are still blocked and I want to know how I did...

    Also, anyone else hear back yet? I'd love to find out who my future classmates are!!

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    Yes I'm glad you started this thread! I too have been watching the other posts hoping I could find some fellow future classmates! I received my TEAS scores the same day I took my test but I took mine at the UTSA 1604 campus. I received my acceptance email on Thursday evening and my packet today!!! I am super excited!!! Did you get your packet?
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    I am glad you started this thread as well. I am very new to this site but I did receive my acceptance last Wednesday So kudos to yall! I look forward to meeting everyone! I will be relocating from Houston to San Antonio Mid April !!
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    Yay, someone started a thread. I got accepted as well and am excited to start. I've gotten all my shots done, started the background checks, and I'm excited. Couple of questions though. Do any of yall know when we will receive the our tuition cost package? (Where they state how much everything will cost?) I would like to know how much I should save up so I can at least pay one semester out of pocket.Since all of us already have a prior degree (since it's the accelerated program) we really won't receive financial aid in terms of grants from the government.... I might as well work extra hours and make extra cash while I can.

    Second question, I heard that the new computer program (where you HAVE to purchase a laptop from them) won't be started until Fall 2011. Does that affect us as well? We don't technically start in the Fall but does anyone know?
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    So i'm not too sure about the tuition cost packet. I found a small table of estimated costs on the uthscsa website but it is way too confusing. I'm hoping we get some information soon so that I too can figure out how the heck I'm gonna pay for school

    I heard the new computer program was starting in may. If it's not until august I'm not too sure if it'll affect us. I was hoping for the new program to start when we started but we'll see!

    by the way, if you all have twitter or facebook we should definitely be friends! my twitter is monica_ann3 and facebook is www.facebook.com/monica.ann0
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    Hey~I actually called and got them to email me the tuition costs because I def needed to know that so I could weigh out all my options as I had also applied to other schools and wanted to go the cheaper route since its all the same degree. Plus im trying to figure out how am gonna pay too since it will be me paying it bk. I could email it to you if you want.

    I too wonder about the computer program...hmmmm they didnt say anything about it in the packet but i saw it on the site....
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    yes please email it to me!! my email is mtorres1117@yahoo.com

    has anyone else received their school emails yet?! I haven't and am anxious to get it!
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    I also heard the computers are starting in May (yay no books to carry) and I tried to follow the chart they had online for estimated cost of attendance.. very confusing. Could you email that to me too?? ddabrams@gmail.com I have accepted the fact that I am going to be paying student loans for a verrryyyyyy long time. oh well...
    I already turned in my shot records and am waiting for the blue card from the background check.
    According to Mike Ashburn, we arent getting school emails for a little while.. since it is only end of Dec and we dont start until May.. but I check my email every day for it- just in case haha.
    What does everyone have their degrees in? And where is everyone from???

    My degree is in Business Management and I moved from sunny south florida to SA last July so I can start my Texas resident stuff and only pay out of state for the summer semester.

    Feel free to find me on facebook! Doba Abrams (there is only one =) )
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    I haven't received any information beside the past emails we got. I would really appreciate the tuition cost summation that you got. My email is mmaldonado70@gmail.com.

    My degree is in Biology and I was born and raised here in San Antonio. I actually got my degree from St.Mary's University. If you need some help around town feel free to let me know since I know the area.
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    Hi everyone, I'll be one of your classmates this May. Very excited. I'm a biology major from A&M, so San Antonio will be all new to me.

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