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Hello Everyone, With the deadline date very close, hope everyone is feeling less stress and now we all have to play the waiting game. Good luck to everyone who is applying for UTHSCSA fall 2012!... Read More

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    there are requests for roommates on the fb group. If you're looking for one be sure to look on there
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    have you heard anything yet?
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    can you give us the link please?
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    I am really excited to meet everyone and start the nursing program fall 2012!
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    i can't post the link it's against their term of use. Do a search on fb "UTHSCSA BSN class of May 2014" it will come up as the first or second result... hope you're able to find us there are a lot of great questions and answers being posted on the group page!!!
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    Khanchango-- were you able to find the group page?
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    Yes, I did and joined it. Thanks
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    hello i am in a similar situation that you were in when you got accepted i wont be able to get my 3rd round hep b till June but the shots deadline is may what happened with your shots how did it work out and what do you think will happen with me? I already asked permission to turn them in late.