UTHSCSA-Fall 2011

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    Hi All,
    Since January 10th was the application deadline, do any of you have an idea as to when the earliest when we will hear from UTHSC-San Antonio? I already have my bachelor's degree in a non-nursing subject but I opted for the 2-year traditional route because the accelerated program just seemed too intense. Are there other 2nd degree folks out there applying to the 2 year program as well? Good luck to you all! I hope we are all there in the Fall!

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    Hey there! I was wondering the same thing. I also applied for the Traditional BSN Track. I am finishing up classes to get my associate's degree right now. I was looking at posts from last fall and I found this,

    "I think in about 1 month-2month you will get invited to take the admissions test. Since I applied in Jan and found out that I was accepted in April, it will take 4 mths to find out (give or take) who is admitted during the first rounds (those that are waitlisted will have a chance if people that got admitted reject admissions)."

    I really hope it doesn't take that long! I hate waiting..
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    Oh, wow, I was thinking for some reason we would hear in a week or two by email. Maybe I'm thinking of a different school. Anyway, good luck to everybody! Anyone here know people going through the program now? What do they think of it?
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    I applied for Fall 11 too! Good luck everyone!
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    I am so glad I found others that are also waiting--I think I'd like the support or know that there are others in my situation. I am very excited!

    I called the application center on the 12th of this month to make sure my app and transcripts were receive on time. I was told the emails concerning the TEAS were probably going to go out at the end of this month--beginning of next.

    I already took the TEAS for Texas State, but won't hear from them until like the end of March. Does anyone know if I would have to take it again for UTHSCSA or if my score could be forwarded to them. I scored okay (88.7) but was completely unprepared for it. I wouldn't mind taking it again if I can raise my score.

    I hate waiting...let's hope we start getting emails this month!
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    End of the month? I cannot wait that long!! I know all my transcripts got there because I delivered them ... but maybe I should have called to make sure the application was in on time I submitted on the 10th in the morning..
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    I submitted mine on the 9th--really late in the evening. They didn't receive it until the 12th in the morning--but it was time stamped on the 9th so it was okay. I delivered my transcripts on the 10th too and they were not processed until this week.

    I had trouble with my transcripts since I went to Northwest Vista during the fall semester and the Alamo Colleges initially said they would not have transcripts ready until after the 15th of this month.
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    I had the same problems, I had to run all over San antonio picking up transcripts on the 7th. St Philips and NVC and Palo Alto.. They could have at least sent out a warning email, saying they wouldnt be mailed out until the 15th. Oh well at least I got them in on time : )

    Good to hear about the time stamp thing.
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    hehe I got really lucky. I went to SAC and they printed my NVC there. I was almost crying because I was so happy. I live in San Marcos--and I did not want to drive around San Antonio all day, especially because I had to drive to Round Rock the next day. I was glad it was not an all day affair for me.

    Have you taken the TEAS for any other schools or applied at any others?
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    Hey Banana,

    You said you live in San Marcos. Do you plan to commute to San Antonio or are you moving into town? How is the commute from S.M. to S.A.? Do y'all think many people do it?

    I can't wait to find out either! I check my email like ten times a day hoping for a TEAS invite.


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