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Hi All, Since January 10th was the application deadline, do any of you have an idea as to when the earliest when we will hear from UTHSC-San Antonio? I already have my bachelor's degree in a non-nursing subject but I opted for... Read More

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    Is anyone still looking for a place?

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    Quote from PufferFish
    Be really careful in picking your battles in the program. You don't want to get labeled as being defiant. Even when a professor goes on some spiel about how she wants you to be able to stand up to doctors/nurses for your patient she does not mean she wants you to be able to stand up to profs. about issues. We lost some good students, because they got blackballed this way. You all have made so many sacrifices to get where you are now, so keep in mind that you are only here for the education, the degree, and the right to sit for the NCLEX.
    Thanks Pufferfish! Yeah I understand--I read somewhere about stuff like that. I was just really hoping something could be changed about the requirement. Oh well, I already ordered my computer [the cheapest one] and ordered all my books. I am totally ready for this coming semester! Good luck to you.
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    Hello everyone! (Or should I say fellow classmates? :-)) I am no longer on the waitlist and have been accepted to start in the fall! I am completely overjoyed :-) However, I feel like I have so much to be brought up to speed on! For example, which parking lot do I need to buy a pass for? I'm sure the nearest ones are full but what are the ones nursing students usually buy?

    Thanks for any input!!
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    Congrats Hook'em,

    I still have not bought my parking pass either. Don't worry, I think we will get cruddy parking at this point anyway. I am moving from Houston and just leased a home yesterday in San Antonio and plan to take the bus to school but attach my bike to the front and ride half the way to school.
    I think your main priorities at this point should be: 1) Immunizations 2) Health Insurance 3) HIPAA training online module 4) CPR certification.

    Good luck!
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    To those who have been accepted did this apply to you? I have taken the TEAS once and got a 64.0 and want to retake it but one of the admission staff told me this at UTHSCSA. [COLOR=#1f497d]The policy that the admissions office has the TEAS V exam is once every admissions cycle. If you have taken the TEAS exam within the past 6 months, I would not recommend taking the exam again as we will only use your first score.[/COLOR]

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