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Hi All, Since January 10th was the application deadline, do any of you have an idea as to when the earliest when we will hear from UTHSC-San Antonio? I already have my bachelor's degree in a non-nursing subject but I opted for... Read More

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    I just wanted to let you all know that someone started a facebook group for us. UTHSCSA Nursing May 2013
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    Congratulations to those who got in!!!!

    Ill be a 3rd semester by fall 2011! time goes by so fast!
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    Does anybody know anything about the laptops yet? Like the size and how much?
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    Even though we're just students :]
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    I don't have any updates about the computers, sorry.
    On the other hand, and I know this is about a year away, but do any of you have information regarding summer paid externships? Do hospitals in San Antonio offer paid jobs to students after their first year of nursing school? I am already trying to organize summer 2012 and getting some sort of externship in S.A. is my #1 priority, I just don't know how any of it works!
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    Hi all! I graduate here on the 21st. I just wanted to let you all know that this school isn't all that it's cracked up to be. The school is poorly operated. Most of the time they have no idea what is going on. The curriculum is always changing, leaving students unprepared. The majority of the staff is nice....the teachers that is. The people who run the nursing department are a bunch of twits. Don't expect any help from them. Expect to have ridiculous charges to your tuition. Expect to pay for mandatory fees on items you don't want. Expect to be called liars and cheaters as well. You can't fund raise and the school does not really care for a graduation. We had to raise our own money for our pinning ceremony. The school thought it was below us to have one. Our graduation is not seen as anything special. We don't even have it at UTHSCSA. We have it at St. Marys. The clinical rotation sites for the most part are not that bad. Only the mental health ones are...but that's not my thing. To make a long story short, safe yourself the agony and torture and find another school. I wish I would have.
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    Yes, baptist offers externships but they do not have it posted on their website. A fellow classmate applied for cna position and was asked if they would be interested in applying for their RN student externship.
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    Thanks Friendlysmile for the externship info.

    Regarding Grad052011: Wow, that's interesting information, thanks for sharing the other side of the coin.
    When you say the teachers are nice but then you are accused of lying or cheating, what does that mean? Who is doing the accusing?
    Do you feel like the exams and labs have prepared you well for the NCLEX and the working world? Do you have a job lined up?
    Do you feel like the assignments and workload are relevant to what you need to know?

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    Friendlysmile: What do you think of UTHSCSA052011grad's Comments? Do you agree? What would you change about UTHSCSA Nursing program? What would you keep the same?
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    Well, I guess i can give my 2 cents here also. I graduated in 2010..

    1. I dont think the school was poorly operated... So i dont know that that person is referring to.
    2. I agree with the curriculum always changing but apparently its for the better... I mean really EVERYONE at other schools also feel unprepared for their first time working.... I dont think any schools really prepare you for the real world work....
    3. I was a peer advisor.... I dont know who you are referring to but the dean + teachers always had there doors open when you needed to talk....
    4. Charges? Im not sure of that so im not going to say anything many things have apparently changed since ive graduated... computers?? what.... Also the gym fee is actually to the super nice gym which i enjoyed.
    5. Liars and cheaters..... there are always going to be those... our class got accused of it also.... its people passing information about tests around.... people remembering questions on tests and telling it to friends... its really inevitable...
    6. True with the pinning ceremony/graduation. We ourselves started our own fundraisers. Sold shirts, had bake sales, etc to raise the money.....
    7. Mental health was a blast for me.... but i went to a nice facility.....

    All in all, my experience at school was enjoyable. I met great people.... our class was awesome, we fund raised and every semester had a class party..... I guess its just how our class goes that determines the experience....

    I don't think any school prepares you enough for the nclex. And also... I had 2 jobs lined up before school ended.... Both in the houston medical center... I must say I had like 6 interviews and turned down like 2 more.....
    But mostly interviews are not about which school you went too. A LOT of it is about the grades you make and your personality....
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