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Hi! I'm new to this site and to nursing in general. I have a couple questions about the hesi a2 exam... 1. How far in advance do I need to schedule and take my exam? ...the deadline for the program I am applying to is on... Read More

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    Hi, I was just wondering for those who got accepted, what are your stats like? and did you all get the transcript eval because I still haven't received mine. :/
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    Science gpa 3.66
    prereqs 3.5 and
    Hesi 96.77 with a
    880 on CT
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    Nursing prereq gpa - 3.9
    Science gpa - 4.0
    Hesi - 97%
    Ct - 830
    I got three transcript evals, but I applied really early (September).
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    Did y'all get an email telling you when school started and how to complete parts of the to do list (like back ground check, etc)???
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    They came in staggered shortly after the acceptance email. I think everything from MyUTH to last email happened within a span of a few hours. I received 3 emails total.
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    They sent an attachment to the email with all the info about clearing your to-do items. It also said the first day of class is may 21st.
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    Nursing prereq gpa - 3.8
    Science gpa - 3.5
    Hesi - 98%
    CT - 850
    I received two transcript evaluations, but I also applied very early. I took my HESI in September.
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    I got two emails-one that said "Congratulations you have been accepted" and then another one that told me to check myuth for an update in my admission status.

    Does anyone's to-do list include anything about prerequisite courses in progress?

    My stats:

    Nursing GPA: 3.7
    Science GPA: 3.8
    Hesi Composite: 91% (Didn't do too hot on the A&P portion)
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    So have anyone received an official letter yet?
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    Nothing in the mail yet...just the previously mentioned emails.

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