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UTHSC-Houston Spring 2013 - page 55

Hi, I am new to allnurses.com and i wanted to start a topic for the Spring 2013 applicants at UTHSC Houston. Where we can keep each other posted on the process as it nears. I have yet to take the... Read More

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    Congratulations to all that got in. I am a third semester UT student and my roommate just got his green check. His last name started with a L. When my class found out and changes were made it was in alphabetical order for some, and not for others. However, we were using a different system back then.
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    I have been accepted!!!

    My stats:
    HESI Overall: 92%
    Prereq GPA:3.68
    Science GPA:4.0
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    If we did not get a check today, should we assume we did not get in?
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    I would not assume that. When my class went through this process. It took three days for some of the status changes to be made.
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    Jofoste2....thanks...I'll stop crying now.....lol
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    Yeah. I check it about once a day and it is still just that yellow triangle! Once November arrives, I'm DEF going to be glued to myUTH as well. I hope we get in before that!
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    Quote from marylynn70
    Jofoste2....thanks...I'll stop crying now.....lol
    Feel the same way you do...Guess we still wait
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    Quote from LanaKesbeh
    Yeah. I check it about once a day and it is still just that yellow triangle! Once November arrives, I'm DEF going to be glued to myUTH as well. I hope we get in before that!
    doesnt the yellow triangle mean your application is incomplete?

    I would call the registrar office to make sure they have everything
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    Alright, I created a group! If you have been accepted, pm me for the name! We can talk about next semester, roommates and other stuff in a private setting!
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    Overall gpa 3.898
    Nursing 3.943
    Science 4.000

    Overall HESI 88

    Last name starts with a p

    I had a yellow triangle up until today.. green check!!
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    cynthiap101...were you a yellow triangle until just now and it recently changed? wondering if they are making changes still today?
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    i had a yellow triangle up until about an hour ago...they are still making changes today!!
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    Quote from Jjrr
    Me too! My stauts has been changed to a green check.

    In the email, they asked me to respond to them whether I will accept the offer by October 25. So I guess after that date, they will start sending out the second batch of acceptance letters if some students decline.

    I am also offered a scholarship from them, so I am really excited.

    Good luck to the rest of you!
    Did you apply for the scholarship or did they just tell you they wanted to offer it to you?

    And last time i checked, i still had a yellow triangle (bc of the tsi requirement and my transcript).