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Hi, I am new to allnurses.com and i wanted to start a topic for the Spring 2013 applicants at UTHSC Houston. Where we can keep each other posted on the process as it nears. I have yet to take the HESI but i wonder if anyone... Read More

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    I was told acceptance letters would begin in Oct.
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    That would really be nice. I want to know, so i can move on and stop worrying
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    Quote from doreendoyin
    I was told acceptance letters would begin in Oct.
    Who told you that? Because even my friend who got accepted last year says they didn't hear anything until mid November..
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    I'd be down for a meet-up! I'm in Katy also
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    It's stated on MyStar but I spoke to Ms. McKnight from the school. When I logged into MyStar it stated that students can check admission in Oct.
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    Sounds like Katy all the way to Pasadena. There's a Starbucks and Jamba Juice over by the Galleria... Anyone object? We'll just have to find a time when a good majority of us can meet.
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    Let's meet up! Everyone free this Friday evening?
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    Quote from jayn108
    Let's meet up! Everyone free this Friday evening?
    It's probably not going to be that easy...I think we should figure out if any weeknights are good for people and if any of the upcoming weekends are good with anyone first.

    I'm good with any Monday nights, Wednesday nights, this Thursday night, and anytime but the evening this Saturday. I may be out of town next weekend...
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    Yeah i need like 2 weeks so i can request off.. And ah! That's awesome if we hear by October!! For anyone in Katy who hasn't done CPR-- the fire dept is doing a course to get your certification on Oct 20th at 8.. Its 35

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