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UTHSC-Houston Spring 2013 - page 53

Hi, I am new to allnurses.com and i wanted to start a topic for the Spring 2013 applicants at UTHSC Houston. Where we can keep each other posted on the process as it nears. I have yet to take the... Read More

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    Quote from peaches1018
    So I was looking over other forums from previous semesters and it seems that the status changes on the website starting on Nov. 2nd. The holds for the vaccines, background check, etc will appear for those that got accepted. I guess we will see what happens
    Ahhhhhhhh! Seriously? I cant wait!
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    Gah I'm SO NERVOUS!! How are you guys coping with the wait?
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    Quote from LanaKesbeh
    Gah I'm SO NERVOUS!! How are you guys coping with the wait?
    I've been trying to keep myself preoccupied with other things, but this week I've noticed myself getting a bit nervous. I guess it's because October is halfway over now. Once November arrives I'll probably be anxiously refreshing myUTH for any changes.

    I'll most likely be there on Sunday as well.
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    They changed the systems since last year I think. we use myUTH they used UTlink. I did the same thing with last year's threads. It might do the same thing but just be aware that there's a chance things might be different
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    Not to add to the conflicting information, but I was told we should see start seeing updates on our myUTH status around the first of the November. Something about the status will change closer to real-time and then admissions letters will go out (believe they mail them).

    Now, I was told this back in the summer when I called to make sure all my transcripts and scores where received (August time frame). This could have changed and now be bad information; I haven't called to confirm any of it. Of course this also does not stop me from checking myUTH status at least once a day.
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    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I just received an email stating I was accepted for spring 2013
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    From UTHSC Houston??
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    Quote from graciebelle
    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I just received an email stating I was accepted for spring 2013
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    Wow that's awesome...Congrats!! I can't believe you found out so soon. I think you might have started a panic. Haha
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    Quote from graciebelle
    Did your to do list update?
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    I got in!!!!!
    Look on myUTH and check admission status!!!!
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    I got an email and haven't checked myUTH but I assume it has changed! Ill look once I'm home! I think I'm going to start a Facebook page! pm me for the name and once I make it ill add you we can't post links but admins said we could give names in pm's