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UTHSC Houston - Fall 2013

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    I am applying to UTHSC Houston - Fall 2013. Anybody else?
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    I am! Have you taken the Hesi yet?
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    Quote from tampicotrauma82
    Greetings! I am applying to UTHSC Houston - Fall 2013. Anybody else?
    Hello I am planning to along with a couple other univ. And a couple CC to. I have to go over the classes that I still need to take for their application.
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    Me three!! For the pacesetter BSN. I have not taken the HESI yet
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    Does anyone know how UTHSC calculates 5 hours of electives into your GPA if all of your classes are 3 hour credits?
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    Hello everyone,
    I'm applying for the spring but last minute so if I don't get in, i'll be applying for the spring. I've taken my Hesi but I have to retake it again because I didn't do so well.
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    I am! I am planning on taking the HESI in mid-august. Are any of you guys planning on attending the August information session?
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    I am. I know it's a shot in the dark, but I'm going to go for it anyway. I'm not sure how the Pacesetter program works, but it sounds enticing; I had signed up for the HESI at my local community college, but unfortunately they don't have the A&P section on the test! How dumb is that? So now I'll have to do it through Elsevier, even though it will probably be more expensive...
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    Cctech its about $90 its super expensive
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    I'm applying to their program as well! I take the hesi exam mid August.
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    Well, I took the HESI today so if you guys have any questions I would be more than happy to help the best I can while everything is still fresh on my mind!
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    I take it on Friday! Any tips? I mostly have been studying for the TEAS. Where I'm more familiar with the TEAS, I have no idea what to expect from the HESI. CT is making me nervous.
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    Honestly the HESI book they recommend you buy is the best way to prepare especially for the math and reading sections. For the vocab section I would recomend going on quizlet.com and just doing random vocabulary quizzes that other people have posted for the HESI. I made a 920 on my CT section and I owe it all to Fudamentals Sucess A Course Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking or any other book that would be used in nursing school for critical thinking. I could not find anything anywhere on how to prepare for that section and I have heard UT-Houston looks into those scores. I feel like that book really helped me on picking "the best" answer. CT wasn't that hard you just have to think like a nurse in a way because all of the answers are correct.