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Greetings! I am applying to UTHSC Houston - Fall 2013. Anybody else?... Read More

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    Quote from LonghornLdy
    Thanks! I have that book, or least a PDF of it, haven't looked too much into it, but I will now!
    How can I get a PDF of that book?

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    Quote from carlajeanx3
    Well good luck! I haven't even given thought to when I am going to take the TEAS because I have been stressing so much about the HESI haha. Are you taking the TEAS through TWU? I wanted to get it done before summer as well, but I dont think thats going to happen before the fall starts so I will probably just register for it after I get into the grove of school again. Houston is my first choice as well and I would put TWU as second. I was also thinking about apply to UTMB too but im not sure if I really want to relocate to galveston haha..
    I plan to apply to UT, PVA&M, and LSC (AD. As backup). I don't know much about A&M, TWU or UTMB.
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    Quote from frelmh
    Did they say why they may discontinue the pacesetter program?
    They did not specify why they just said they are still testing it out. I am guessing they want to see how the students scores are after they graduate.
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    Hey guys! I'm also applying for Fall 2013, did you all take the Hesi yet? If yes do you guys remember what type of critical thinking questions there were? I'm planning to take it within a month and I'm super nervous !!
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    To be honest, the Critical thinking part is easy. Most of them are common sense question. Ex: who should be treated first (consider age, health condition and gender); or should a nurse discuss patient information in the public?; or should a nurse accept gift from patient?....something like that. There are no wrong answers in there, it just one answer is better than another. I made 840 in CT, and I did not study at all for that part. There is nothing you can search online for this.
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    Honestly the best preparation for the CT section would be to look through any kind of fundamentals book that is used for nursing school (see my previous post).

    Good luck!
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    Has anyone taken the HESI A2 V2 edition? Is it different from the first version in any way?
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    I will be applying for at UT-HSC for Fall 2013 as well!! Hopefully 3rd time applying to nursing school will be a charm! I applied for Fall 2012 and got denied. So, my husband transferred jobs and we picked up our family and moved to Ft Worth to be close to other family and I applied to TWU for Spring 2013 and enrolled in Patho there because it was the only class I had left to take. Well, I got a call from UT-HSC in August asking if I was still interested because I was next on the list!!! I wasn't aware I was even on the list since I got a denial letter. It was too late by that time and I had to decline the offer. I just found out I got denied yesterday at TWU and my husband has already had to move back to Houston due to his job so...I'm moving back to Houston & applying to UT-HSC again! I think my chances are better now though since I'm done with all my classes. Whoaaa... I know that's a long post but that's my story!My stats: GPA 3.6, Science 4.0, HESI 94%, CT 890Good luck to everybody and I'm praying this is the last time I have to ride this roller-coaster!!
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    Nici, oh my goodness that is crazy! Kudos to you for not giving up! Hopefully we all get in!
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    Quote from carlajeanx3
    Nici, oh my goodness that is crazy! Kudos to you for not giving up! Hopefully we all get in!
    Thank you! I'm discouraged but will not give up on my dream!

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