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Greetings! I am applying to UTHSC Houston - Fall 2013. Anybody else?... Read More

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    oh and i almost forgot, do you get to use a calculator on the math portion?

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    Thanks! I was bummed, but I'm happy overall. Yes, it's the same username and password for when you log in to register, and purchase stuff. I don't feel like I over studied. Go through the ATI book page by page for the grammar and reading. Reading isn't too bad: main idea, logical conclusions, style of writing, author's purpose, etc. For grammar just make sure you're comfortable with the rules: simple sentences, dependent/independent clauses, spelling (only got 2 questions "which word is spelled correctly"), when to use colons, semicolons, apostrophes. Math isnt too bad, I actually skipped a chuck of it from the book and just reviewed concepts I knew I needed refreshing. There are no calculators so be comfortable doing calculations on paper. Science isn't fun, not gonna lie, just don't memorize but understand the concepts. Like why is a molecule polar/non polar. I didn't get any balancing equations, unfortunately - that I can do, lol, know the germ layers, that isn't covered in the ATI book, it does ask some questions that even though it's reviewed in study manual, it asks a more specific question. Also know kinetic/potential energy - concepts, no math. Personally I didn't get asked many physiology question, mostly chemistry, life and physical science, and what makes a good/bad experiment. It even asked about moles - just a very basic question, theres too much math without a calculator for a more complex question. I'm personally more comfortable with physiology type questions, unfortunately I didn't get any. Good luck! I recommend doing an online practice first, that way you know what you really need to focus on.
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    Wow yeah I am deffinetly no good with math without a calculator to check myself lol. Ugh but I guess its good the problems can't get too crazy. It has been a really long time since ive had any life science so im deffinetly going to have to brush up on that! Thanks for all the advice though! Good luck on your HESI tomorrow! The HESI is deffinetly a test not to be worried about and seems like it is a cake walk compared to the TEAS!
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    That is definitely good to know! I'm excited to finally relax after all this! and don't worry, the math questions are definitely do-able! The longest math questions you'll have is where it gives you checking account balance and you need to find the final balance after all the withdrawals, and credits - addition and subtraction. Even the algebra was pretty easy, imo. The ATI is a great review for all those concepts! Just make sure you can find percents, divide/multiple fractions and decimals and you'll be fine
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    Whew thats a relief! I was deffinetly freaking out about it after reading up on posts from others. I can only imagine how good it will feel to be done with all of the testing! haha
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    Just remembered something else for science - know what parts of the brain are responsible for what function as well as nerves. I don't know if these were their test questions, but definitely not covered in the book!
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    Oh great thanks! Hopefully I wont have to worry too much about brushing up on physiology since I just finnished the class. Did you use the Mcgraw Hill practice tests? I cant decide if I want to drop the 110 for the package from ATI or just buy the study manual from amazon and the Mcgraw Hill tests... which would be about 30 bucks cheaper. Ugh... applying is so expensive lol
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    I also used the McGraw hill book as a reference - you'll need it, go beyond the ATI book for science. But I didn't do any of their practice tests, maybe I should have? Lol. If the package includes the 2 online tests and the book go for it. I paid everything separately, didn't think I would use the online test and I'm sure if I bought the package I could of saved money. I bought the McGraw hill book and HESI review book on my iPad kindle to save some money!
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    Thats what I figured.. I was thinking about just splurging and getting it all haha (I feel so cheap). The practice tests for Mcgraw are only around 10$ anyways.. deffinetly a good idea buying the kindle version so ill probably just do that as well!
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    Your HESI review book is a good resource too!

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