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Greetings! I am applying to UTHSC Houston - Fall 2013. Anybody else?... Read More

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    I'm also applying for Fall 2013. Other than Houston, I'm applying to UTMB, Tyler, and A&M. I'll let you know how the TEAS goes! I'm hoping to get everything in early, as soon as they open their applications. Such a long process lol. My first choice is Houston or UTMB.

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    Well good luck! I haven't even given thought to when I am going to take the TEAS because I have been stressing so much about the HESI haha. Are you taking the TEAS through TWU? I wanted to get it done before summer as well, but I dont think thats going to happen before the fall starts so I will probably just register for it after I get into the grove of school again. Houston is my first choice as well and I would put TWU as second. I was also thinking about apply to UTMB too but im not sure if I really want to relocate to galveston haha..
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    I'm in San Antonio, so when I signed up there were only two locations (not as easy as when we signed up for the HESI, where you can pick any time and day through prometric). Baptist which is not a BSN program offers the test only to their students, so my only choice was to take it at Wayland Baptist. When I signed up back in June there weren't many dates listed, so I choose the date that was the closest before the fall semester began. Are you finished with your science pre-reqs? Fall semester I'm taking anatomy w/the lab, and labs for physiology and micro (they were full last semester). Hopefully I can keep that 4.0 gpa science pre-req! I'm glad there's a forum for the fall 2013 hopefuls!
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    Oh wow how crazy. So you dont sign up through a school like you do for the HESI and test at your closest location? I finnished up A&P II this summer (really bad decision) had a really tough teacher and it deffinetly consumed my summer! I only had a week to really study for the HESI lol. I am taking Micro in the fall and then I will be done with my sciences thank goodness! I'm really glad there is a forum too! Its going to be a long waiting process and its nice to be able to keep in touch with each other and help each other since we are all going through the same anxiety! lol
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    Yup, go to the ATI website and sign up through there. Ill definitely let you know what to expect! I took chemistry this summer and that was awful! That class had all sorts of issues (like the dean and board of trustees had to get involved - long story, lol). So glad micro is over, unfortunately I still have the lab! It was hard to get the lab last semester because I'm considered a non degree seeking student and I sign up for classes last. I actually already hold my B.S but now I'm back to take the pre-reqs.
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    Oh wow that sounds horrible! We have a ton of issues with the science department teachers at my school as well, you have to basically fight for a good professor. I havent had chemistry since last fall semester so I am definetly worried about that on the TEAS test! Good luck with that though and yes definetly let me know how it goes! I'm sure you will do well! How much studying have you put in for it?
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    Thanks! I started studying in early July but because of chemistry I wasn't as consistent as I wanted to be. My final was on Aug. 9 so I've been hitting it hard since then. I'll let you know if it paid off!
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    Sounds great! Good luck!!!!!!
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    So.....I took my TEAS exam (those reading this HESI is required for UTHSC-Houston). Definitely do both online practice exams to get a feel for what the test is like. The online practice tests were a lot harder but the science seemed to be on spot. Also, get the ATI book - reading, math, and grammar were pretty identical. The science is what the majority scores the lowest on. Honestly, science is pretty random, questions can be broad or pretty specific. I scored an 80.7%. I'm not especially proud of this score but the national mean is somewhere around 64% and I've heard programs means can be around 70%. Science lowered my score significantly. I don't think ill take it again though, there was someone who was on her 3rd attempt. Dont forget your ATI username and password, the girl next to me couldn't log in for a good 15 min. Hope this helps!! My testing site was very casual, the proctor was super nice, she even brought ear plugs for those who wanted to use them. You can take breaks between each section, so that nice.
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    Congrats on your score!! I will for sure buy the online exams then! Do you feel you over studied for it at all? I cant decide if I want to give myself a month or two months of study time.. I just want to get it over with really haha. Were there alot of chemistry equations on the science part? Not sure how much indepth studying I should do on that... but its good to hear the ATI book prepares you for the science part! Everything I was reading was saying it was horrible for it haha I was getting alot of mixed signals about it! Your ATI username is the same as what you registered with right and same with the password?

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