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I know there is some time before we will apply, but I was hoping to get a group together so we can go through this process together. Are there any 2013 hopefuls out there with me?... Read More

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    Hey guys!
    I am applying for the Spring 13 term!
    I am also applying at UTA, TWU, and possibly TCU!

    I just recently decided to try UT HSC and I am praying to God I get in somewhere! Does anyone know how competitive it is? UTA is my first choice BUT it is SO hard to get in if you don't have any of their "special considerations"...
    My stats are 3.75 Science GPA, 3.5-ish Overall GPA...and I scored higher then a 75% in all sections of the Hesi.
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    To kimbers2882,Yes, you can apply early and fulfill your prerequisite and take the HESI at a later time, as long as before the deadline, which is Sep 1. I have applied and they give you a "to do list" and their corresponding deadline, including when they need to receive the transcript and HESI score.
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    Unfortunately, I am going to have to push back applying until Fall 2013. Blah! I took the summer off when I really should have gone, but I needed a break. Good luck to all of you guys applying for Spring 2013! Keep me posted on how it goes!
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    @dawno - that sucks! It seems like forever waiting for the next semester...but nothing happens before its time! So take this time to relax de-stress and I'm sure you will be fine. :-)
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    Thank you for the info. I definitely plan to apply this summer after I have A&P out of the way and have taken my HESI Exam. I already have Chemistry, so I just need one more science to fulfill the 8 hours. I will still have another class to take in the fall as well, but I take it that I can just submit my transcript again after I finish that course.
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    Hey guys! I'm applying for the Spring 2013 semester. I've seen the past semester's forums and was hoping there would be a larger group for this one. Does anyone have any new info? I don't really remember having to put things about my extracurricular activities or volunteering info on the application. How will they know about those kinds of things in order to make their final selection? Interviews stopped a few semesters back, didn't they? Any info would be great! Thanks guys!

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