UTA fall 2011

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    anyone else apply to UTA nursing school for fall 2011. I'm waiting for an admission decision.
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    Yes, I also applied. The CON says letters will be mailed out in May. (They did not specify to me what part of May)
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    I asked the adviser the other day, and was told May 1st
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    I hope its really may 1st and not the end of may
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    I also applied for the fall 2011 ap bsn. I was told via mass email a couple of weeks back that the letters would be sent out mid-may. I just finished path and pharm yesterday, and will start my upper level elective monday. I am so....ready for the letter!
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    Me, five! Just wrapped up this semester as well. I also received that same email, so now we wait...grrr.
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    letters coming next week!
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    Where did you hear that? I didn't get an email or anything. I hope you're right! I'm soooo tired of waiting!!
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    I applied for the AP fall 2011 program. The mass e-mail that went out stated mid-may.... I would much prefer the May 1st admissions letter date.... I just want to know! The whole waiting thing is unnerving, right!?!

    I'm wondering what everyone applied with.

    I had a 3.5 Science GPA, 3.68 overall GPA and scored in the low 90's on my HESI A2.

    Just hoping it's enough?! I just finished my Path/Pharmo last week too!

    Good luck, everyone!
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    I got that email, too... right after they sent an email stating that I hadn't turned in my Hesi scores... when I knew I had! That was unnerving!

    I completed all of UTA's specific nursing pre-req courses plus my upper lever elective (Medical Terminology) this semester. It's good to have those completed...

    My stats are almost identical to yours, except I had 3.78 overall. Yeah... I'm hoping that it's enough. I really just want to find out -- I will have to change sooo many things in my life if I get in. Changes I want to make, but I need to know sooner, rather than later since I will have to say bye-bye to my fulltime day job and try to find something at night or on the weekends... or (gulp) try to survive on a part-time salary!
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