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anyone else apply to UTA nursing school for fall 2011. I'm waiting for an admission decision.... Read More

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    Hi TXSuzy, I too got the call moving me from waitlist to accepted. I'm really looking forward to it. Would any of you guys offer advice on the best hospitals to do clinicals? I will be driving up from Austin every time and lived in Fort Worth years ago, so I am leaning in that direction. I really need to get clinicals toward the end of the week, Thurs/Fri otherwise I will have to bring on board the entire extended family. I like surgery, ICU and would like good exposure to pediatrics. Any suggestions helpful. Thanks!
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    Can i apply to UTA as a transfer student if I already have a BS degree? Do you know how long the program would take?
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    Sure can. I have a BS degree and I just started UTA's BSN accelerated Program (Academic Partnership program). It's only 15 months. Good Luck
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    @jdvens ok! but do you know if I can also consider/do the regular program as well? (just the upper division portion-so technically like 4-5 semesters) Not sure if i am up to speeding through 15month of BSN, but glad to know that is an option. btw, how are you liking it so far (accel bsn)? I noticed that the accelerated bsn was mainly online. Do you have to find your clinicals? I'd rather have a campus based program. Thanks
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    oh, and what did you think of the HESI? Was it easy? What was the financial aid package like as a second degree student?
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    anybody else on waiting list?
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    Hello mbowie,

    i'm on the uta ap online waiting list for spring of 2012, how long did it take you before you were notified you were accepted? What was the determining factor o fthem moving you from the list to being accep. Did all the folks on waiting list get accepted??

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