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  1. Hi everyone,

    This is going to be a novel but I'm really needing some information and hoping to find it here. To start with I'm not from the DFW area. I currently live and work out of state, but if all goes well I plan to join my husband in Fort Worth by June of this year. As such I'm not familiar with DFW, potential employers or the nursing schools available.

    I started my first online prerequisite classes with UTA last month, but it has since come to my attention that I don't stand much of a chance of getting into the AP-BSN program unless I'm partnered. My academic advisor at UTA has been less than forthcoming about partnership. I asked her what types of positions I'd need to apply for and was told to contact the partner hospitals directly to find out about that.

    This week I contacted THR and was told that any position would work but that there are "other criteria" that must be met. The mystery criteria aren't shared with non-employees. So now, while I fully intend to apply for positions with THR-run facilities and any other partner hospitals, I still don't have all of the information I need to make an informed decision.

    Does anyone know the additional criteria for THR-partnered applicants? If I apply for and obtain work at one THR facility can I apply with UTA as a partnered applicant for any THR facility? I wonder about that because I notice from the lists I have that THR partner hospitals vary from semester to semester. Finally, are the rules the same for all partner hospitals?

    Thanks for reading. I really appreciate any information I can get about this.
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  3. by   Zweiells
    I'm not really sure what they mean by "other criteria" but I know in the past some people partnered with THR who received tuition reimbursement for the nursing program at UTA had to sign a contract agreeing to work for THR for a certain period of time (usually 2 years) after graduation or risk having to pay back all or part of tuition costs. Of course, students who pay for their own schooling will not have this issue. This may not be the other criteria mentioned, but I think it's handy information to have before making any employment decisions.
  4. by   kaycedee
    Oh wow, that sounds great actually. I guess the thing to do now is to start applying for jobs and hope for some interviews. Thanks for the information!
  5. by   lnm1222
    Are you starting the program in the Fall? I also work at Cooks and I haven't found anyone else on here who has applied or is applying
  6. by   Kbell1017
    Which hospitals are partnered with UTA?
  7. by   flyingauntmimi
    You don't have to be partnered, I was not partnered and was accepted into the program. I just graduated in May. If you search the UTA AP BSN website you can find the "scoring" criteria for acceptance. They give extra "points" for a variety of things such as taking most of your prereqs at UTA, taking your sciences at UTA, having a prior degree in another profession, etc. The most important criteria in acceptance is your sciences GPA, overall GPA and HESI scores. If you rock those arenas, you can get accepted.
  8. by   Kbell1017
    what were clinicals like? I've had some say sat and Sunday 12 hour shifts and other say any two consecutive days during the week 7-3. Also, I live an hour and a half west of UTA campus. So did you have any say in getting to choose a hospital closer to you?
  9. by   flyingauntmimi
    Clinical days vary by location and class - I had a variety - Sat/Sun, Sun/Mon and Fri/Sat. Your test day will always be the same day each week...ours was Wed but I think the odd year cohorts are on Thurs. We also did clinical at different locations for psych, pediatrics and had a choice for community. When you are accepted, you are sent a list of all the clinical locations available for your cohort. You will rank them based on your preference. I believe this is where the "partnered" preference also comes into play as people working at a particular location would clearly be given preference for that location. To give you an idea, in my cohort of 10 none were partnered. Also, your last semester will involve capstone - you will be required to work the same shift as your preceptor. These days were all over the map, some in our cohort even worked nights. I worked fulltime during the program and just saved up vacation days for those shifts.