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Is anyone applying to UHV second degree BSN spring 2013?... Read More

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    Quote from DeeGeeNurse2Be
    Oh awesome! I applied to UTMB as well. I applied there last year and got waitlisted. Hopefully it goes better this time around! Good luck on your test!
    Thanks. It is so hard to get into a school. I never thought it would be this hard.

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    I am also applying for spring 2013. Does anyone know if we need to complete the "personal statement" on the Nursing CAS application? I was told we don't need references.
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    You need to complete the personal statement, but you don't need references.
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    Hi DeeGee! I graduated from UH-Main with a degree in Nutrition as well. Graduated in 2010. Don't meet many people who have the same degree!

    Anyway, UHV specifically states that for their natural science GPA, they consider specific courses. With NursingCAS, they lump all the sciences together which did not help in my favor (Organic Chem.). When UHV receives the application, do they break apart the courses they consider for the natural sciences GPA and calculate?

    Thanks and really wishing you all the best of luck!
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    Hey adrianneee!I am assuming that they will break apart the classes that they consider and recalculate. Esp a class like organic chem that isnt needed for nursing- they should be considerate and look past that. Lol hopefully! I know If and when a student retakes a course NursingCAS doesn't replace it they calculate both into the gpa, and I believe the nursing schools take the better grade into account. Are you applying to the program for 2013?
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    Ok good! I was hoping they would do that. Too bad NursingCAS can't break it apart to make it easier.

    Oh yeah.... no kidding about Orgo!

    Yes I am! I have everything submitted just need to get on top of completing my CPR certification and getting my immunizations in order. How is this entire process coming along for you?
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    So far so good! The only thing I have left is my immunizations. I wish we could just fax in our records instead of having to have that sheet filled out and signed by a physician. I feel like that's a pain, but oh well. Are you applying to any other schools?
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    That's awesome! Yeah I agree with you but I guess it is what it is.

    No, I stuck with UHV so we shall see what happens! What about you?
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    I'm applying to UHV and UTMB. Downside being UTMB doesn't start until Summer 2013. I'm so ready for it to be October 1st already so they can start processing stuff and we can be notified about interviews lol.
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    I finally have everything turned in. Now the waiting game begins. Good luck everyone!

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