University of Houston-Victoria second degree BSN spring 2013 - page 18

Is anyone applying to UHV second degree BSN spring 2013?... Read More

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    Blah, I hate waiting! Supposedly we might hear something by Friday, but if not,the following week

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    Me too! It was nice meeting you boo_ah_peek! )
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    It was nice meeting you too! Hopefully we will hear some good news soon
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    Wish I could have met you two! (boo_ah_peek and Chocolate88)
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    ....getting SO nervous!! I just wanna know already! Good luck to everyone!
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    Me too! I know on the slip of paper that they gave us after we tried on uniforms it said they would start sending out decisions as early as the 29th---If I remember correctly. So maybe today?! That would be good, as waiting through the weekend would be torture!
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    YES! I don't have that paper on me right now, but I remember the date of the 29 being on there as well! Because of that, I've been incredibly anxious today! Ha!
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    It says FORMAL ACCEPTANCE OR DENIAL LETTERS WILL BE MAILED/EMAILED AFTER NOVEMBER 29, 2012. So nervous!! Yikes.. Im thinking we should def find out tomorrow
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    Pls anyone received denial or acceptance letters let us know.. Ty and good luck to all of us
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    i just received my acceptance mail from UHV in my personal email. Yes!!!!! now to do the drug test n everything else. Good luck to everyone.

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