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  1. by   mrmrz3
    Thanks fizzylime and dman for that information!

    I do have a question

    What was the schedule like? For example, was the first semester all classroom/labs? Or is everything integrated together throughout the whole program? And, what about the hours? I know it is a full time commitment but I am just wondering, is it going to be like leaving your house every morning at 6 and not getting home until like 12 hours later 5x a week? I know all of this will be explained at some point, but just thought I would ask to see if ya'll could give some insight.

    Thanks in advance, and congratulations on completing the program!
  2. by   dman03
    The first semester is classroom, lab, and clinical. I think we always had one day off per week though. That was for doing all of the online assignments. Like for instance, one class will be worth 6 hours but you are only in class for 3 so you are expected to do 3 hours of online stuff at home. Make sense? I remember the first semester Thursdays were horrible. Like 11-7p and the last 3 hours were health assessment (learning how to assess a patient from head to toe). Not that it was a bad was just the end of the week and everyone was exhausted! Tuesdays were classroom only days and it wasn't that bad. And Mondays are always sim lab days. First semester I think it was 8-3:30 (or 3!) and second semester 8-5. No sim lab in the last semester . So you either had clinical on Wednesday or Friday. This semester we have two 12 hour clinicals on Mon/Wed but it's so fun now b/c we actually know what we are doing!! Starting IVs, hanging IV drugs, piggybacks, knowing what to do when your patient's ABG results are abnormal. It's seriously the BEST when you feel you were actually prepared to be a nurse!! Love it

    Hope this helps!
  3. by   adrianneee
    Dman: What day in January did the program begin?
  4. by   dman03
    Ours started Tuesday, January 17th so the next starting day will probably be Tuesday, January 15th. Just a guess though!
  5. by   adrianneee
    Quote from dman03
    Ours started Tuesday, January 17th so the next starting day will probably be Tuesday, January 15th. Just a guess though!
    Great, thank you!
  6. by   Chocolate88
    Adrianeee & Mrmrz3 -- I hope to see ya'll on Nov 26th!

    Fizzylime & dman -- Congrats on the upcoming graduation! Must be so exciting!

    Fizzylime/Dman -- If it's okay to share, could you share a rundown/agenda of the interview day. Also, do ya'll know when they send out the acceptance letters by?
    Another question -- where do you guys have your clinicals? Is it mostly in the sugarland area? Hospitals/clinics?

    My meningitis vaccine is done and the email login is working perfectly. I'm going to review the material that was given in the admissions info today. I believe we will be presenting on this? Anything else I need to do before interview day?!
    Thank you so much for all your help!
  7. by   fizzylime
    If I remember correctly, the interview day started out with a presentation from the dean (or maybe the director) on the program. It was basically a welcome speech and then they passed out itineraries. You may also hear from a few student speakers in the morning.

    You'll all be divided up into about 4 or 5 groups. You'll get your group assignment when you check in at registration. It's on your name tag. I remember I was a black square. There were also red circles and green squares. You go around interview day with your group and a group of students from the current cohort. They escort you to all the different activities.

    Included in this are:

    A group activity in presenting the information they e-mailed to you. You don't have to have it memorized because they give you a copy of it. But it would be good to be familiar with it. They are checking to see how well you work in a group and if you're a leader or a follower. So make sure you play nicely and you speak up without railroading everyone else.

    A Hogan assessment. Which is a long computer based questionnaire that has you answer a bunch of silly T/F questions. Like. "I would like to go sky diving." It's not something they're considering for admission. It's part of a grant the school got to assess qualities of prospective nursing students. So don't stress on this one!! It's easy and fun.

    An "Essay." In which they'll ask you a question, have you write about it in a word document, save the document, log into your UHV email account, attach the document, and send it to them. This is very important so make sure you have your log on information printed out with you when you get here.

    You also get a tour of the Sim Lab and a place to try on uniforms. This is so you can figure out what your size is. You’ll fill out an order form for a lab coat, scrub top and scrub bottom. In the event that you’re accepted into the program, they’ll already have your sizes so they can order your uniform. The uniform is included in the student fees, so there’s no out of pocket expense.

    In the end, you all meet back up in the multipurpose room for the “good luck and see ya soon!” speech. I think we finished before 1pm.

    I think that’s all for the interview. But I might be missing something. The order in which you do these tasks will vary because you do them in your groups.

    I got my acceptance letter on December 1st. I don’t know about anyone else. But I think they generally tend to send out letters by that Friday or the following Monday. However, if you don’t get a letter immediately, don’t despair. They send them out in waves. So be patient.

    The hospitals we’ve been to are in Sugarland, Katy, The Med Center, and out in Rosenburg. I don’t think the TOS on this website will let me state them specifically.

    I hope that answers your questions!!
  8. by   fizzylime
    Also, for people wondering about the schedule, our first semester schedule was like this:

    Monday: Sim Lab. 0830 - 1530.
    Tuesday: Nursing Process I. 0830 - 1130. Pharmacology: 1230 - 1430.
    Wednesday: Clinical. 0630 - 1600.
    Thursday: Nursing Role: 1130-1330. Evidence Based Practice: 1400 - 1900 (1600-1900 being in the lab for health assessment).
    Fridays: Off!

    Sometimes you'll have Wednesdays off and Clinicals on Fridays. It depends on what hospital you're at and which semester you're in.
  9. by   Chocolate88
    Yes, your response helps a lot... thank you fizzylime!
  10. by   mrmrz3
    Thanks for the info and insight into the program and how the interview is broken down! Really helps put my mind at ease. So excited for next monday!
  11. by   adrianneee
    Thanks a TON for your input FizzyLime and Chocolate88!
  12. by   adrianneee
    I want to wish EVERYONE a great Thanksgiving and get some good relaxation in! See you guys Monday!
  13. by   adijatsab
    I just found this site and thank you all for the wonderful info. I have a question though, I have read about people checking their "to do list", where do you go to check that? Thanks and I hope to see you all on Monday for the interview. Good-luck everyone.