University of Houston-Victoria second degree BSN spring 2013 - page 8

Is anyone applying to UHV second degree BSN spring 2013?... Read More

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    I agree about being nervous! Everytime I get a new email I get so nervous/anxious to see who its from!

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    Do you know if they are notifying via email or letter? I thought it was only letter, but if its email too--now just another thing for me to obsessively check all day!
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    I would think there would be an "official" paper document, but I did read on a board from last year (so students that are completing the program as we speak) people received emails on October 31 inviting them for an interview and December 2 (I believe) letting them know of their acceptance into the program.
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    I read the same thing islander09. I've been obsessively checking my email too!
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    In reading the board from last year, I pray that we all get an email for an interview tomorrow!
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    Amen to that!!! I cannot wait until tomorrow
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    YEA!!! Received email at 4:14p for the invite to the interview! Good luck to everyone, looks like we don't have to wait until tomorrow! So excited
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    Congrats, thats great!!!!....I hope I get something, nothing for me yet....was it located in your junk mail?
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    No, it was in my inbox. It was sent to the email address that I used for the nursingCAS application.
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    I just got an email saying I got an interview!!!

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