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Is anyone applying to UHV second degree BSN spring 2013?... Read More

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    I filled out the entire app just as if I hadn't ever given them any information before - and in regards to your second question I chose Sugar Land becasue that is the campus I definitly want to be at should I get accepted.

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    I also filled out the app as I never applied but I just transferred info from another app so it was faster for me. I also chose the Sugarland campus... I think we will have most of our classes there and only some at the smaller ones....
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    Were you guys able to register for the fast pass?
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    What is the difference between the super center and a regular center?
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    You can register for it, that's the finger print and background check right?
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    Anyone having any trouble getting through the background check registration? When I input my SSN, it says my record cannot be found :/ I did submit the SSN release for prior to the Oct 1 deadline. I emailed the advisor this afternoon, no answer yet. Just wondering if anyone else ran into that problem.
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    Yea it was weird registering I had the same problems, I was able to make an appointment but I don't know if they will let me actually get the fingerprints done since I don't have a fast pass. My appointment is tommorow so I will see. In the first e-mail I got it said something is attached for the background check but I did not see an attachment for it.
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    Hey MrMrz3 --

    I had exactly the same issue! It said that my record could not be found. Looks like all of us are having the same issue. I have also emailed ****** - I emailed her yesterday(10-31-12) and emailed her again today (11-1-12). Yesterday she asked me if I turned in my SS form and I told her yes I had. I never heard back after that. Looks like we're in the same boat!

    Please let me know if you guys hear anything regarding fastpass!

    I did just an email to get my email titled, "UHV Admissions Application Acknowledgement" -- let's see if I can access the self service and email, etc.
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    Yes, I guess some of us are in the same boat regarding the site not finding our records when the SSN is given. I emailed her also, I am now emailing her back to let her know I did turn in the SSN release form along with my other documents for the application. She did say they were trying to work out the issues regarding the problem with us not being able to complete

    OK, so fastpass is the site that we are having issues with? is that correct? And fastpass is the background check and fingerprinting scheduling site? I just want to make sure I do not forget to do anything or overlook one of the steps.
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    Yes - fastpass is the background check and fingerprinting scheduling site. We'll have to wait till we're in the system or ******* tells us what to do I guess.
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