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Has anyone applied to UHV Second Degree BSN program for Spring 2012?... Read More

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    nooo....I was afraid of that >_< (GPA requirement!)

    Was the GPA requirement chiefly concerned with the pre-reqs (which doesn't concern me) ....or the cumulative GPA from my previous degree? (It was a few years ago...but ack not above 3.0).....

    Thank you so much for enlightening us about the details!!! I've been sweating bullets so I'm fairly certain others have as well?

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    Thank you Nbrown82 for responding with the information. I too was afraid of that gpa requirement hkc713. All we can do is wait now.

    Good luck guys!!!!
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    The requirement is to have at least a cumulative gpa of 3.0 & a 3.0 for the science pre reqs. However, they do evaluate everything with no more emphasis on gpa than teas scores. In my opinion, if your cumulative gpa isn't quite a 3.0 but your science gpa is a 3.0 or above you will probably get invited for an interview & that is where you want to make sure you stand out so they will remember you. You want to show the faculty you deserve a shot. They know there is more to being successful in the program than just having good grades.

    Good luck to everyone & hope to hear good news soon!!
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    Hey! Sorry I'm late to the thread! I applied to UHV at Sugarland also. Using the NursingCAS was a new and also frustrating experience but I got through it! Now hoping for the best!
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    Thanks for the information Nbrown82. When the website said group interviews, I had something totally different in mind.... Well, let the countdown begin!! Good luck everyone!
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    Just to give you an idea about numbers, last year there were 90 students that got invited to the interview. Don't remember exactly how many showed up but it was between 82-84 of us. They accept 60 students in the program. 30 for each campus and you choose your preference Sugarland or Katy when you enroll. So if you get an invite for the interview the odds are pretty good you will get accepted. I know last year they mentioned wanting to increase the number of students in the program but not sure when that will actually happen. It would be great to start this year! I know how nerve racking the process is so I just want to share any information I can. I found this board last year after I applied and myself and other applicants had many questions but there was no one to address them. I know exactly what you guys are going through and how you feel. There are no stupid questions so if there as anything else anyone needs answered please feel free to ask and I will answer it the best I can.

    I have my fingers crossed again and praying we all get invites to the interview!
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    I understand the anxiety the application process can bring. The description above about the interview process is spot on. Just be professional and prepared (they will tell you what you need, just follow directions). Good luck to you all!

    ~ graduating 12.10.11
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    Had anyone received any official notification about their applications from the university? I have gotten 'received' emails about certain documents I have sent only.
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    Hey guys. I'm sorry that it has taken so long to reply. We have had several weeks of testing, and all of the tests have finally come to an end. We are in the final stages of classes, and we can finally see the light!

    Anyway, I'm here to answer some of your questions, although I realize that they have already been answered by now. As far as the interview is concerned, you have been told correctly. There were 90+ people that were invited, and actually 64 people were accepted into the program. The group interview is completely a group process, and you will never be by yourself. You go into a group to do a presentation, and you go in a room to do an essay. The presentation is completely to see how you work in groups because let me tell you one thing about this school: THEY LOVE GROUP WORK! We have had so many group projects this year I never want to do another group project again (just kidding). If you do get to come to the interview, know your sign-in and password! This is very important! This is part of following directions and being organized.
    As far as receiving the letter for the invitation, you will probably receive them in October. We have been told that the actual interview for you guys is the week after Thanksgiving, and we get to help! So, plan on coming the Monday after Thanksgiving.
    I remember that NursingCAS was the biggest pain, and it really messes the GPA calculations up. If you have taken a class more than once, it doesn't replace your most recent grade with the old grade, but it calculates both grades into your GPA. I think this is why you have to apply to both UHV and NursingCAS. I'm not sure to be honest though.
    I don't know of anyone who was accepted with a GPA under 3.0, but I do know that everyone had different TEAS grades. They say that there is no "good" grade, but I never have found out what a standard grade is.

    So, during your interview, we (the current students) will be there. You should receive your letters around mid-October, and the interviews are the Monday after Thanksgiving.

    I hope I have given enough information for now. I hope you all get letters so I can see you there! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
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    hello all. i applied to the program as well. i am also in the process of applying to ut hsc- although i realize i will have to make a decision whether or not to go to the uhv program or not before i hear back from ut. i hope that if uhv accepts me that i will be able to attend at the cinco ranch campus. i agree that the nursing cas system was a bit daunting. they actually sent my application back to fix some 'mistakes', so it was received just barely by the application deadline. i suppose we will be very anxious the next few weeks waiting for those interview invites! best of luck to all.

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