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Tyler Junior College ADN program Fall 2012

  1. 0 I'm waiting for a response to get in the TJC adn program and I'm about to go nuts. I didn't get in last time because I didn't have enough points. I hope I get in this time. I'm excited and anxious at the same time. Is anyone else going through the same thing I'm going through. Good Luck to anyone else waiting for a response from TJC.

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    Well, I got my letter in today and I got in. This is a very sobering moment for me because I'm finally starting my dream of becoming a nurse. I can't wait to begin my journey. I wish everyone who gets in congrats and the people who don't get in I say don't give up, keep trying, cause if I would have gave up I wouldn't be getting into nursing school this fall.
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    I received my letter yesterday. I also got accepted. I was super excited, it was my third time applying. I can't wait to start either. I have question, how are writing your letter of acceptance I'm not for sure what exactly to say or what they want.
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    I have NO clue, I guess I will write on paper that accept getting in to the program. I know it has to be written on paper, but I don't know I'm clueless on how to write it down. I guess I will bring extra paper and a pen if what I write down is not good enough. Good luck and congrats on getting in.

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    I'm in the same boat. Thank you!! Congrats to you as well. Good luck!!!
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    Congrats to everyone starting in the Fall of 2012, I will be seeing hopefully some of you as classmates. Cheers! and let the fun begin!!!
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    Can't wait to meet all my classmates either? Have yall received the orientation packet in the mail yet? What supplies is everyone getting?
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    Have not received my orientation packet yet, getting my immunizations and physical done right now. It was really difficult to find a Flu shot but I lucked out @ Walgreens. As for supplies... Stethoscope, pocket organizer, pen light, scrubs are on backorder at the bookstore so I have to wait 2 weeks before checking with them again.
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    Hey, would anyone mind sharing how many points they got accepted with/didn't get accepted with? I'm trying to figure out what's competitive. I'm applying in the Fall to start ADN Spring 13! Congrats to you guys, I cant imagine how excited you are.
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    I haven't received the packet either. I have turned in all my paper work. Thank goodness all I had to get done was a physical and a TB test. The bookstore told me last week that they should get the scrubs in this week but I know how that goes. I haven't bought any supplies yet.

    Megan when I applied for Spring 2012 I had 103 pts and I was an alternate. When I applied for Fall 2012 I had 117 pts and I got in. Good luck!!!
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    109 points, luckily on my 1st try I got accepted.
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    I got everything turned in and registered for the classes on the acceptance letter. Just waiting on book store to get scrubs in. Can't wait for August to get here. I had 102 points for spring 2012 this time I had 124 points.

    What is everyone doing in the mean time until August gets here?
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    Got fitted and ordered scrubs, bookstore said they will be ordered in July so hopefully they receive them before Aug., in the mean time I have purchased some of the books for the fall, skimming though them just to be ready on what to expect.