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  1. I am determined to get into the TX Tech nursing program this August for the Abilene site. I have read posts from 2009 (THANKS to txscrubs1, who gave a bunch of info in 09), but haven't found any recent posts from those who have completed the program. I'm just wondering if there are any changes from then. If anyone has completed the program, what hospital in Abilene is used for clinicals? I have read only one individual's study/clinical schedule, anyone else? Is there anyone else who can say how many hours were dedicated to clinicals a week? When are the specialty clinicals that last the entire week? I am living about 1 1/2 hours from Abilene now, but wondering if I should move to Abilene. Also wondering if having a Masters, though in Psych, might give me a few extra points in getting into the program?

    P.S. This is my first post. I love allnurses.com, which has helped convince me this past year that nursing is where I belong.
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    Hi Texaslife,
    The literature I read says that Hendrick is the clinical site for second degree bsn students. I'm an applicant also, so I can't tell you much but hopefully someone who's been through the program will jump in here. Good luck!
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    I have been waiting awhile in hopes of a reply, but didn’t expect a competitor! Well, it is very nice to meet you, MrSensitivity, and good luck to you, as well. I was wondering, have you completed a CNA program? I go in this Friday to fill out paperwork, so I can start on the 14th. How are you feeling about doing this program an entire year online? I personally do better online, but still anxious, of course. I talked with the coordinator, ******, recently, and she said they are accepting more applicants from Abilene this year. Good news, huh! She also sounds like a wonderful person: very kind, caring, and a good listener. Do you have all your prereqs? I am going to go to Howard College for Micro and Patho. I have completed all others.

    About the clinical site, where did you read Hendricks? I must have missed it. I found “Community partnerships such as that with the Abilene Regional Medical Center, Hendrick Health System, and more…” under the ‘Abilene Campus’ tab, though it seems to be referring only to the pharmacy program.

    Any tidbits you know of that you might share? I read on allnurses that many programs give a high percentage of points to applicants’ TEAS V score. Do you know if Tech does? Have you taken yours already? Ok, I’ll let off on my end, now. Have to work on squishing my resume onto one page, anyway!
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    Glad to meet you too, texaslife. Yes, I completed the CNA program about 2 weeks ago. I was working full-time, taking Micro, AP I, Statistics, and Nutrition at the same time. Needless to say it was a sporty schedule. You're smart in taking it during the break. I enjoyed most of it, particular getting to know the people living in the facility we were in for clinicals.

    I still have to take AP II, Patho, and Human G&D this summer. I was so busy at the end of the spring term that I didn't schedule the TEAS until yesterday and almost didn't find a spot in time. I take the test next Tuesday. I don't know how much weight is given to it in the selection process. I'll just do my best and hope it's good enough. It's been a long time since I learned some of the things that it covers. My undergraduate degree is in chemistry, but it was so long ago that the periodic table only had 3 or 4 squares.

    I've only communicated with the coordinator via email, but would agree that she is very responsive and helpful. Did she say how many seats are being offered in Abilene? I read someplace that there are a total of 60 divided between Lubbock, Abilene, and Odessa.

    The thing I read about Hendricks was on the SON site, Abilene campus, 2nd degree program. Let me know if you still don't find it and I'll try to get to it again and send the web page.

    I did my resume today, but it was just he opposite. I had to double space and large font to fill the page. I never change jobs and my only extracurricular activity is threatening to ground my kids, mowing the grass and mowing the grass. Did I mention I also mow the grass?
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    Very funny! AP1 will help a lot on the test...really, though? 3 or 4 squares?! LOL! I met a girl today in the CNA program. She was an alternate last year. I really like her. She said she believes there will be 32 slots open for Abilene, and they will be doing clinicals at Hendricks and Regional. There is a new building which will be opening in December. Supposedly, this is awesome for us. Oh, and we likely wear scrubs with red top and black bottoms. Not absolutely sure, yet. I will let you know what else I learn as it comes. Good luck on your test!
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    Thanks! If I gather any intelligence info I'll forward it as well. I think 32 might be a big number, but I hope you're right. Have fun in the CNA program. If it helps, it seems like the answer to a lot of the test questions is, C. wipe downward.
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    Your friend is right. The number is 35.
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    That is great! How did you find out 35? I am more sure that we wear red tops and black bottoms as accelerated, while the traditional program wears all red. We start perineal care tomorrow. And my teacher said to remember, "Wipe clean to dirty." LOL! I suppose it is the same as wipe downward!
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    Ha! Thats it. Clean to dirty.

    I spoke with the coordinator over the phone. She was very informative. Tried to send you an email with some interesting details. No luck. Fill ya in later.
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    Howdy Y'all!

    Just thought I'd drop in since y'all are the only post on here I see for the Accel. Fall 2012 program I see... it's nice to meet some fellow applicants. I am sort of freaking out over it.
  13. by   MrSensitivity
    Hi NoSweet,
    Glad to have you jump in. All we're doing is sharing rumors. That's what happens when you're not having to stay up til 1 a.m. studying at the moment. Don't freak out. If tech doesn't work out, I think we can still make the application deadline for Acme Law School and Bartender Academy. I was talking to somebody else about it, not very competitive to get into.
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    Oh, I assure you I know plenty about the staying up til one in the morning to study freak outs. I graduated with my degree last December and I can say last semester I am probably studied more than I had the previous four years (unfortunately, sometimes my transcript reflects that). I have a Bachelor's in Health Education... which was basically the degree for people who wanted to go into the medical field (until we opened up our nursing school like two years ago). And I have unfortunately had the pleasure of being rejected from 2 other schools I applied to for the fall, so I'm a little more on the pessimistic side of things now. ha. But, I'm still just trying to tell myself that God will put me where He wants me... it's just easier said than done sometimes.