Tx State Fall 2013

  1. Just wondering if anyone else is applying for the Fall 2013 semester at Texas State in Round Rock, and/or has any detailed info as far as their selection process goes? I don't see many threads on Tx State here AT ALL, but I know there's gotta be at least few other applicants on here somewhere! Anyway, I've heard that they use some sort of point system but not sure how the different admission criteria are weighted or what the selection process entails. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   karo6087
    Hi! I'm in the same boat. I applied for admission for 2013 but I haven't heard if they do a point system for ranking applicants or not. All I know is i'm impatiently waiting to hear something! I know they sent out letters on March 9th of last year, but the website says all applicants will be informed of their status BY March. Crossing my fingers that means the letters will be a bit earlier this year!

    How do you feel about your chances? I haven't seen many posts on TX State either, I know its newer, but I guess I expected more chatter from the boards!
  4. by   iheartnrsng
    Hi!! I was beginning to think I wasn't going to get any sort of response on this post! It's my underlying hope that perhaps the lack of chatter may be an indication that there aren't a ton of applicants... that may be just my wishful thinking. I know the adviser I spoke to in Dec said they were expecting close to 500 applicants this year...not sure how they arrived at that # though. I know I've seen passed year's threads where someone mentioned Tx State's point system, and she said she had 36 of the 40 points on her app??? Wasn't sure how she'd figured that out, because I've seen anything about a point system on their site.

    I think their policy is to inform us (either way) by email on or by the 2nd Friday in March. That's the way they've done it the last two years from what I can on the SON FB page. But I would love to find out sooner. The anticipation is KILLING me!! I'm driving myself crazy thinking about it! It's difficult to concentrate on any of my other classes right now....As far as my chances, I have NO idea. I have less than a stellar GPA... but it says on their site that a 3.0 in your prereqs is considered competitive, and mine is higher than that so it gives me hope...And I do have experience as a CNA and did pretty well on my TEAS so hopefully that helps....(fingers crossed)
  5. by   karo6087
    500 applicants would be quite a large jump from last year's pool! I know they generally accept 100, so I guess a 20% chance is better than some places.

    The wait is definitely challenging. Its such a powerless feeling! My GPA is not as high as I would like it either, but still higher than their average and I was really happy with my TEAS-V score so I'm hoping they put a little more stock in that than the GPA. I would think if they had a points system, they would mention that somewhere on the website?? I suppose there is no use worrying about it! I think your CNA experience will definitely help you, I wish I had something like that going for me but unfortunately I'm in corporate sales. haha!

    Good luck to you, hope we both get good news in March!
  6. by   iheartnrsng
    Yeah they may be overshooting a bit. I've looked at stats from surrounding schools like UTHSCSA and they only had 290 applicants for their Spring 2013 semester which is down from last cycle. Only 106 of those applicants were qualified so they offered ALL of them admission. I know Spring is typically less competitive than Fall, but maybe it's an indication that there aren't as many people applying this year....who knows?? And last year of the 300 applicants at Tx State, only 160 of them were qualified which is less than half, so that cut the pool down significantly...

    Whatever the case, hopefully we have less than a month to find out one way or the other!! I wouldn't worry too much about your lack of experience in the medical field, as I think work experience in ANY field is probably an asset. I was in commercial sales for 12 years, and it's definitely a "people person" field. Some of those skills could certainly be applied to working with people in the medical field as well.

    Thank you & good luck to you as well! Hopefully this unbearable wait has a happy ending for both of us in March!
  7. by   Sarah-Aggie2013
    Hey y'all!! I also applied to Texas State for this fall of 2013! I haven't heard a thing back, but will graduate in May from Texas A&M and am interesting in their school becuase it's close to home for me. When I asked the admissions lady at the end of December when we should expect to hear back all she said was to "look on the website" for more information. All I got from that is March sometime! It's no fun waiting, and hopefully we all hear back very soon! The anticipation is killing me!!!!

    Good luck to both of you! If I hear anything I'll be sure to post it!
  8. by   iheartnrsng
    Yeah I'm finishing up my last semester of prereqs at Texas State this semester, so not sure what my plans will be if I don't get accepted. I'm about 10 minutes from Round Rock, and relocating is not an option for me so I have all my eggs in this basket- trying to keep a positive outlook, but the waiting is SOOOO nerve wracking!!! At least I have classes this semester to keep my mind somewhat occupied....

    Looks like they usually send notifications out the first Friday March, so not too much longer too wait.... only 29 more days and counting!!!

    Good luck to you as well! Hopefully we'll be classmates!!
  9. by   Sarah-Aggie2013
    Ahhh!!!! 29 days still feels like foreverrrr!! I sure hope we're classmates. I've been accepted to UTHSC SA's accelerated program but I really just want to do generic so I have a summer off between graduating and starting nursing school. If I get accepted to Texas State I am definitely taking it! Thank God for classes to take our minds off getting in!! lol Hopefully they let us know on March 1 and not the 8th!!!
  10. by   iheartnrsng
    Yeah it DOES feel like forever!! Congrats on getting into UTHSCSA! It's gotta be a good feeling to know that you will be in nursing school one way or another! If I lived in South Austin I probably would have seriously considered applying there as well, but it just isn't feasible to commute from Pflugerville....
  11. by   karo6087
    All my eggs are in the Texas State basket as well, at least this go 'round. I would have liked to apply to UTHSCSA as well, but would need Chem 2 so I decided to try for St. David's first. Plus my Fiance is at UT in the Behavioral Neuroscience PhD program for 2.5 more years, so I'd rather stay more local than have to drive to San Antonio.

    I'm really hoping the first time is a charm, but I am trying to be realistic that many people have to apply to multiple places, multiple times before getting an acceptance. So congrats Sarah on UTHSCSA! Must be quite a relief having a back-up school! Would you mind my asking your stats? Just interested in knowing what got you in to such a great program! Of course if you would rather not share that is totally fine

    Glad to know some other hopefuls....
  12. by   Sarah-Aggie2013
    Thank y'all very much! I have to move no matter which school I go to, so I just applied all over! I don't mind sharing my stats at all if it will help y'all! I only took Chem 2 because I started off as a Biology major and needed that class to graduate. It kind of worked out as a blessing in disguise. I will graduate in May with a Bachelor's of Science in Health from TAMU (College Station campus). Right now my GPA is a 3.65 and I've made B's in every one of my sciences, but A's in all other coursework. I studied a lot for the TEAS before I took it, and I made a 93. (Didn't do as well on the HESI by any means!) It is AMAZING to be accepted and know that I am going to nursing school somewhere, I just would LOVE to be closer to my family because my little brother will be a Senior this next year. (We're super close!) )
  13. by   iheartnrsng
    I am happy to hear from other hopefuls too!! I know my family is tired of hearing me talk about this wait to hear back from Texas State lol!! I think only my fellow applicants can truly understand and appreciate the anticipation and anxiety we are all experiencing right now!

    And I hear you on the first time acceptance thing...I keep reminding myself that there are others with better stats than mine who had to go through this process multiple times!! At least it's not as competitive as some of the schools in Dallas or Houston where you're competing against 800-900 other applicants!!
  14. by   iheartnrsng
    @Sarah- your stats are great, and better than the averages they accepted last year.. I would think you'd likely be accepted!