twu spring 2012 applicants!

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    hey guys! i wanted to stat a forum for us twu spring 2012 hopefuls!
    about me
    i have a 3.2, yikes! , and after this summer it should come up to a 3.6 or 7 and i am studying my butt off for the teas and will only have 3 more classes after that to take. i have gotten into the university as the first step, but i am so worried about getting into the nursing program, fingers crossed
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    Hi, this is my first time in here. I'm also applying for TWU and UTH, studying hard to take the TEAS V and the HESI A2. Hope more students will come to share their experiences
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    maybe you guys should try your local/ regional boards for more input!
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    Yeah I think so, let me go and find that!!!
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    Moved to TX Nursing Programs Discussion forums for more discussion.
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    Hello, all!

    I'm all over this board, for real! hee hee. Another Spring 2012 hopeful! Taking the TEAS on tomorrow and have already taken the HESI. Taking a full load in summer school with the intention of boosting my GPA up to a 3.8...we shall see. Good luck to everyone!
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    How was your TEAS test???
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    I am taking the TEAS tomorrow and I am kind of panicking. I have been studying for two weeks and today I took the online ATI practice test. It was a lot harder than I expected.

    I have a good GPA and I made A's on my first attempts at Micro, and both A&P's but I am still worried. I mean, it's not a 4.0 or even a 3.8 but...

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    Don't worried, everything is going to be OK. Try to be as much confident as possible. At the end, it is just a test, not the end of the world lol. Good Luck!!!
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    @ leinus

    Took the TEAS test today and scored an 80.93%. I'm pleased with the results and don't plan on retaking it. Hopefully, it's competitive enough for the powers that be!