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Hey guys! I wanted to start a forum for us twu spring 2012 hopefuls! About me I have a 3.2, yikes! :sofahider, and after this summer it should come up to a 3.6 or 7 and I am studying my butt off... Read More

  1. by   Nela87
    @ Monkey891

    Yes it is veryyyy awfull! I was shocked honestly. But as you said it all happens for a reason. I sure hope that this will be my time!! I never thought of making sure that they have my test score correct at TWU because I mean how hard is it to send over the correct score. Good luck to you!! What center are you applying to btw?
  2. by   Ranaz
    Hi Arnela,

    I could open your attachments thankfully, and scanned the questions...Seems harder than what I experienced in the exam for last semester. Also there were a lot of punnett Square questions, in other words, genes. Though I will study those materials that you sent me. I appreciated..
  3. by   Monkey891
    I know, right? I mean, they have to send a bazillion test scores...weird that there are errors like that. Thanks so much! You as well! I applied to Dallas for spring 2012, but will take fall also lol. Either way! Are you applying for Dallas as well?
  4. by   Nela87

    Glad your received it!! and your welcome. Glad i could help. Good luck!!


    Yeah its crazy. Just my luck i guess! lol Yeah I applied for Dallas spring 2012 as well. lol My second try! Hopefully we both make it!!
  5. by   abranson02
    @Nela 87. That does suck about your tests scores. Maybe I should call to verify they have my correct scores. Also, I called the advising secretary and she was able to answer some questions I had about my transcripts, but I still feel like I should schedule an advising appointment. I dunno...
  6. by   Nela87

    Yeah it was something else that they messed it up, but I'm sure that's very rare, it just happened to be me. I was thinking of the same thing, calling and making an appointment with an advisor, but my boyfriend actually just graduated from TWU Dallas in May, and he said there was no reason to, as long as all your grades are up to date and they have your correct test scores, then your good to go.
  7. by   Monkey891
    Ok guys, I am having an internal conflict and was hoping for some input! So, currently, I am living in SLC, Utah and will obviously move back to TX if/when I am accepted for spring 2012. I was looking at becoming a CNA (which I think will be beneficial), BUT spring is only 5ish months away and by the time I take the course and clinicals, pass the exams and try to find a job (with no experience) I am worried that it would have been a waste of my time and money. I don't know. Any opinions??? Thanks! ♥
  8. by   Nela87

    So you are considering taking a CNA program, prior to starting nursing school? CNA programs are relatively short depending on where you take them. Finding a job is the hard part in that. Your not trying to do one or the other are you? I would consider taking a CNA program ONLY if you want to work while you are in Nursing school, because as you say, if you are accepted it would be a waste of money if you dont plan on working much during your 2 years in Nursing school. Also you can always do the CNA program in November when you do find out if you have been accepted. I have found programs from 2 weeks to 2 months on CNA courses.

    I'm not sure if i understood your question correctly.
  9. by   Monkey891
    Oops, sorry. I am thinking more about gaining some experience before I start school so I am looking into CNA programs; definitely not trying to do one or the other. Nursing school is the priority. I am just trying to weigh the pros and cons given the time I have. I am not planning on working much during school. I guess I am just wondering, at the very least, if the course alone would be beneficial? Hmmm...I know we are all on our own journey so it's probably hard to say what is best...
  10. by   abranson02
    @ Monkey,

    I know some schools will give candidates extra consideration if they have their CNA. It would be good experience and it would give you a chance to work during school. I have thought about doing the same but still not sure if I am going to. Nela is right about course time.. some programs do not last very long so you can complete it in only a few weeks.

    Also to everyone... I passed the new TWU Health building and it is sooo pretty
  11. by   manowhopefulrnsoon

    I am a med asst and I was recently looking into CNA positions with THR, the metroplex's dominant health care group, which I currently work for. I noticed that under the CNA/PCT requirements it stated current CNA licensure or completed one semester of clinicals in RN program. You might be able to save some money if that's the case.
  12. by   LiveLaughLoveLearn
    Quote from Nela87

    Welcome! First of good luck on your TEAS in August. The most important part is to stay calm and dont really pay attention to the timer, because that will make you rush through your stuff! I actually took it for Fall 2011 for twu, and made a 85%. Even though i scored high, the testing center I took the test at sent out my score as a 56 to TWU. IT was a big mess, and when TWU emailed me that I tried to contact the testing center to straighten it out but they were closed. I only had a certain time ( i believe 4 days) to respond to twu so therefore my application was deemed ineligible. SO here I am again.

    But about the exam itself, it wasn't that hard, I would concentrate on the science and math alot. The reading is straight forward and the grammar as well.


    Thanks for the helpful tips! & that sucks that your scores that were sent were incorrect. But yeah timing is usually the issue for me. I've been on the science section for a while now studying lol; since I'm aware this may be the hardest section. I feel like I am even rushing to complete the study manual. Good luck with you!

  13. by   taylorxteddy
    I am applying for TWU for Spring 2012, too! I take my test on Tuesday (HESI on Monday). I'm really worried that I waited to late for the tests, but finances didn't permit me to register before now. I am also applying to UTH. My current GPA is a 4.0 Science with 1 retake (B to an A because I didn't feel like I truly learned the material, but it was an honors class so I don't feel too bad about it), and a 3.88 overall, no other re-takes. I'm worried about the test because people have been making me think it's really hard. Maybe it won't be. :/ Anyways, good luck to everyone!