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Hello everyone!:wavey: I am starting this thread... a year early. That is how much I want to be accepted into the Fall 2013 BSN program at TWU in Dallas. I am taking my TEAS on August 30 so that if I have to, I can take it... Read More

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    That is the little hope that I have! I do not think as many people are applying this semester. I applied last semester and was not even close to making the cut. I will give it another try.

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    Quote from Chelle1
    I am applying for the fall also! I am literally about to walk out the door to take my TEAS test... Super nervous! Good luck to everyone! Waiting seems to be one of the hardest parts, but at least we have each other!
    Oh cool! Good luck, just take a deep breathe before each section and it will be over before you know it. It's really not too bad.
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    Quote from broonie717
    Only 5 more days until the application deadline! There doesn't seem to be too many people on here like other semesters though. Anyone else out there applying for fall 2013?
    I hope that is a good thing. I wouldn't mind if the applicant pool was smaller. One of the advisors told me they expected it to be...
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    Hm, thats interesting. I wonder why they would expect it to be smaller this time? I thought usually more people applied for the fall. But oh well, in this case, the LESS the merrier, haha.
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    Who all is applying to Houston? Dallas?
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    The demand for nurses has gone downhill the last few years while nursing schools have seen an increase in students. As more and more people start to realize this, the amount of people who are going to nursing school will decline. That's the answer I received.
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    I am also applying to Dallas. I hope that there are less applicants. Quite recently I spoke with my advisor and she said that they were expecting 800~1000 applicants.
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    Does anyone on here have the .4 boost from the 32 hours at TWU?
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    I am also applying to Dallas. I do not get the .4 bump on the GPA but luckily I got all 4 first attempt A's. Is anyone going to take Pathophysiology in the summer before the Fall semester? I am going to take it to get it out of the way to lessen my work load my first semester. Or has anyone by any chance already taken it?
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    I'm taking it right now in Dallas.

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