TVCC LVN program 2013

  1. I'm wondering who all is applying or have applied to the LVN program for 2013? I'm curious as to how many points applicants have now that the total is 10 pts instead of 8. Please share on how many points you are applying with.
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  3. by   huntress89
    I am referring to Trinity Valley Community College
  4. by   monica83
    I am applying this year since I was an alternate with 10 points for Adn program... Maybe this will work out better.
  5. by   huntress89
    How many points are you applying with? I also was an alternate with 10 pts to the ADN program...
  6. by   monica83
    5 points. It's frustrating because I made in Anatomy 1 and since I took it 8 years ago and dropped it that counted as me taking it. I would have been in the Rn program if it wasn't for that. You know the points don't change until next years application right? I saw some posts you posted about the points changing it is still the same this time.. How many points do you have?
  7. by   monica83
    Supposed so say a in anatomy
  8. by   huntress89
    Oh really? That confused me! Did the counselor clarify that? In that case, I'll also be applying with 5 points too...I'm hoping that will be be enough points because last year it wasnt, I was #12 on the alternate list with 2 current classes!
  9. by   monica83
    That's what I heard from another student but there website says otherwise so I don't know it is confusing.
  10. by   monica83
    I was accepted into Lvn just trying to figure out if I want to go ahead and do it and then bridge to Rn or wait for Rn because I also applied to that too...
  11. by   lth1123
    Did you rank your preference on the application?
  12. by   trs7707
    I just applied with 17 points. I am not sure if that is good enough.
  13. by   lth1123
    You have a better shot than me, I only have 15. So, I am real worried. But, working on plan B,C, and D.