Texas Tech (TTUHSC) RN- BSN Fall 2014

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    Hello all, just wanted to start a thread for those of us applying for the Fall 2014 cohort of the RN - BSN program at TTU. I applied a few days ago even though I don't graduate from my ADN program until May. I finished all my pre-reqs for them this summer and just couldn't wait!

    I did received a strange email today though... they said they received my transcripts and that I needed nearly every pre-req class to apply for their program. I already sent off for them to evaluate my unofficial transcripts a few months ago and was given the 'all clear' that I had all classes needed. Strange! Not to mention there is no way they could have received my official transcripts from school seeing as how they JUST got back to work today after the holiday. Anyone else get an email like that? I wonder if it's worth replying to or just waiting a week or two.

    Anyway, good luck to all whether you are finishing your last semester like me or are already a working RN.

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    I too will be applying for Fall 2014. I graduated with my ASN this past December and am waiting to take the NCLEX. I plan on applying in Feb/March after I pass the NCLEX. I will be needing a contingency plan with them because this spring semester I will be finishing up my last 3 pre-reqs which are Govt 1 and 2 and Stats. Hopefully all goes well!

    How much is it to apply?
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    Hey Briterz- the application fee was $40, pretty reasonable I think! Though it would be terrible to pay it and not get accepted. The school I will be graduating from has an articulation agreement with Tech so hopefully I will have a good shot.

    Good luck on the NCLEX!
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    Yeah the school I just graduated from has an agreement with Tech too and thanks, I'll let you know how the NCLEX goes!
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    Anyone else applied? I keep checking my status to see if my transcripts have arrived but it states that they haven't even rec'd my app fee yet, despite it being withdrawn from my checking account :-p, I wonder if they update it all at once? Just curious. Ready to start my last semester of the ADN program on Monday
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    Is anyone else's Merlin acct still behind/not updated? It states they've received my transcripts but not my app fee (it came out of my acct in December) or my Oath of Residency...
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    I applied too about a month ago and graduate in December. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us! Good luck!
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    Hi all,

    I applied for fall 2014 as well. My Merlin shows they have received everything, so I guess we are just waiting until May? I graduate from my ADN program in May, so I am just sort of jumping right it, but with the job market what it is and BSN preferred everywhere, I figure I better get busy! Good luck to all of you!
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    Hey y'all! I applied too. I graduate in May from an ADN program. I recently got my acceptance letter from UTMB. I am hoping for TTU though. Anyone know if it will be early or late April before we hear anything?
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    We will hear in May. I'm still working on 2 pre-requisites and as long as I can clear them by first day of classes, I'll be in the clear. Does anyone know what day Fall 2014 starts?

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