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Has anyone applied to the fall or spring Texas Tech RN-BSN programs? Have you heard from anything from the school yet? I applied to both bc one of my transcripts didn't come in in time for the spring program so I applied for the... Read More

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    received my acceptance letter yesterday! 2nd try is the charm for me! Hope y'all got in as well
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    Congratulations rncutegirl!!!! Still patiently waiting
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    I applied for Spring 2014- :/
    rncutegirl- why were you not accepted the first time? or do you know?
    How is the program? is it doable for a new RN grad?
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    Hi RebeccaH13, hope you get in first try! Well, I graduated in December with my Associates and applied right away ( yes, before NCLEX and everything) I summited everything though NursingCas and everything went smoothly until the coordinator for TT called me saying that they couldn't accept my college math from the school I graduated from because it was not Texas Core ..meaning that the ONE and ONLY prereq that I did while in school was the one that did not transfer. I should have taken it at my community college instead because they always transfer but I was accepted into the RN program which included it and, well, of course I accepted the offer! Just in case anyone is wondering, here is a link to compare your institution with Texas Tech (or any other Texas program) to see if it transfers. So...I had to retake it during the summer, applied for the Fall, and got in with contingent to showing proof of completion of that course I am a new grad and I just finished my internship at work that lasted about 20 weeks for my first job ever as an RN, and now I am ready for this program! I have read several post regarding how the program works, and seen several moms talk about how they can do it with kids, job and a husband so I am hopeful/positive about the program. Hope this helps!
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    thanks csteph64! hang in there, I am sure you will get in. Another person on another post was saying she got in to TT and UTMB last week! so...I guess they kind of notify a few people a day.
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    So excited!!! FINALLY I received my acceptance offer this evening!!!
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    csteph64 Congrats and for what semester?
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    Thank you rncutegirl! I am not sure where I stand with my credits but hopefully I've taken enough that they cover something. When do you start Tech?
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    congrats Csteph64!! I guess I will see you online! yay RebeccaH13, classes start August 21 and we should be finishing in March of next year...graduation is May I believe?? Best of luck to you
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    Thank you RebeccaH13! I will be starting this fall semester. Best of luck to you! Thank you rncutegirl, and yes, I will be seeing you online!!! Didn't realize we would be finishing so soon! I thought we would be taking classes until May. So that is good news!!! I accepted the admission offer but have not received any information yet...you?

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