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Trying to find out if any RNs had been accepted into the Texas Tech RN-BSN Fall 2011 program. Application deadline is June 15, 2011 and I have submitted my application and now I am waiting and... Read More

  1. by   PurplePonyRN
    OMG!! Yea!! I'm sooo happy!! I will be glad to meet all of you as well!!! I will be driving from Buna. It is a little town in southeast texas... about a 10 hour drive for me!! But, worth it!! Can't wait!!!!!!!
  2. by   workingspaz
    hey guys, looks like the acceptance emails are in. for anyone that got an aleternate letter/offer or no offer yet- have hope. I declined my position as I had also applied @ UTA and received acceptance and are in week 3 of courses there.... I will miss the opportunity to meet fellow posters that spent time waiting, waiting, waiting... In the meantime, keep posting how things are going! BSN here we come!
  3. by   evethalt
    Hello everyone...
    I applied as well but I cud not show proof that I was taking a class, due to the fact I am going to clep out of it...So I will be there is Jan!!! I also live in New Braunfels....Congrats to you all!!!

    It is soooo exciting!!!!
  4. by   NatrlNurseRN
    i will be waiting until january as well for texas tech. we have an rn to bsn program here, but i'd have to wait until next summer to get in, and it takes a whole year. i'm not getting any younger! does anyone know how long the program at uta is??
  5. by   jsmitc
    It depends on how many classes you want to take at one time. I have some friends at work who are attending UTA (RN to BSN) and most are taking one class at a time (five to six weeks classes) due to working full-time. My friends report it will take them about 13 to 16 months to complete. This is why I wanted to attend Texas Tech, two semesters and done (I was accepted in the Fall 2011 class). So my graduation date is May 20, 2012. Hope this helps.
  6. by   louie...RN
    Is there anyone that got accepted into texas tech rn- bsn that lives in Houston????
  7. by   louie...RN
    Hi guys, just got into texas tech online bsn program for january. I have a few questions. Do u have to Buy any Boook, and if so what are the important ones that i should get?
    What is a good apa software to buy?
    Who are the good teachers to take?
    Any info would help.....
  8. by   jsmitc
    Hi Loui - I am currently in the two semester RN-BSN program, I've almost completed semester one (November 30th/Finals)! YES! 15 hrs are hard to take in one semester, but it can be done. Books, hold on: there are a lot of books, cost me about $800 (one semester and tutition was about $4025.00). BUT the books are needed and very helpful for future endeavors. I so love, love Texas Tech. All the Professors I have had classes with are awesome. So can't really help you there - I think whoever you get, will be a great teacher. Any more questions, no problem, just let me know, I can give you my email if you like, sincerely, judy
  9. by   okamath
    I have been accepted to the spg 2012 RN to BSN program at Texas Tech. Just wondering if I can take a part time load. The full load my just kill me. I work full time. Also, my employer can reimburse me only a limited amt. per year. Any suggestions or advise is most appreciated.
  10. by   Ksalas
    Were all the acceptance emails sent in the morning or afternoon? I've applied for the Fall 2012 rn-bsn and I'm going crazy waiting to hear something!!
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