Texas Tech 2nd Degree BSN- Abilene

  1. Hello everyone!
    I am new to this site but I would like to know if anyone has heard back regarding admission status for the Abilene Fall 2012 semester? I am getting nervous! Interviews were last Tue and Wed and they said we should be hearing back before July 4th!

    Has anyone heard anything?
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  3. by   ms.aggie12

    I got my acceptance yesterday...I still have one prerequisite as well as my CNA to get done. How about you?
  4. by   NoSweethrtOfTheRodeo
    I still have to get my CNA done as well...
  5. by   dallasBSN2B
    Congrats! I got my offer email on tuesday as well! I have my CNA to complete and I am finishing up patho AND micro this summer! Its gonna be a busy summer but I like busy!

    Now I am just waiting to hear what the financial aid options are and I am also looking for apartments in Abilene. Found a few reasonably priced ones.
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  6. by   NoSweethrtOfTheRodeo
    I should (as of today) be able to actually send you a direct message. haha.
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  7. by   dallasBSN2B
    Got it! However, I cannot send you a message cos I don't have enough posts.... Working on it and will contact you once I can! Have a safe 4th!
  8. by   ms.aggie12
    Hey @Nosweetheartoftherodeo I'm having the same problem ....can you email me at tosin.aggie@gmail.com
  9. by   dallasBSN2B
    Hey Everyone,
    I received my fin aid award package yesterday and let's just say, there was nothing in it! I am wondering what others are doing to cover the remaining costs and if anyone has any private lenders they have researched and can recommend?

    Thanks guys!!